3 Rockstars Changing the Future for Teens and Adults with Autism

Autcraft Dad

One of a parent’s greatest concerns is what the future holds for their child with autism. With so many kids now becoming teens and young adults, it has left many parents wondering, what’s next? Thanks to the following buzz-makers this month, we’re happy to share three exciting new opportunities for parents of older kids.


Autcraft Dad

1. Single Father Creates a Safe Haven for Individuals with Autism to Play Together Online

With bullying being a big concern for many parents, Stuart Duncan created an online space for kids with autism connect freely. And what better way than with a game so many of our kids already know and love: Minecraft.


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Teens with Autism Coding Program

2. Living with Autism: Vocational Program Uses Technology to Develop Social Skills

Another exciting program that many individuals on the spectrum looking to join the workplace can benefit from! Especially if computer graphics and coding are right up their alley. This new vocational program taps in tech talents and create new job opportunities for individuals transitions from adolescence to adulthood.


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Autism Adults and Teens Independently Living Dallas

3. Housing options help autistic teens and adults find independence

Along with joining the workforce and finding a sense of belonging in the community, independent living is another concern for many parents. Thanks to programs like this, created by Deborah Caudy and her husband, this is becoming a reality for many living here in the United States. (And soon, hopefully, worldwide.)


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