• May 27, 2015
  • Generation Rescue
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#ChatAutism with Stephanie Ray: Natural Detox

Stephanie Ray has over 20 years of experience in Chinese medicine, specializing in detoxification and organ support. Over the last 7 years, Stephanie’s interest has extended to supporting the detoxification and nutritional needs of children. As a grant sponsor for Generation Rescue, and with her company’s investigative studies with children - she realized that the increase of toxin in today’s environment have a detrimental impact in our children. As a founder and president of BIORAY, she created BIORAY kids products, to address this pervasive issue and help parents to have happy, healthy, and strong children. Follow BIORAY at @BIORAYinc or visit

Behavioral issues? Unsure which supplements to choose? Does your child suffer from OCD and anxiety? What solutions? Stephanie Ray answers your questions! Listen now on iTunes.

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