• July 23, 2012
  • Generation Rescue
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Families Seeing Results Within 1-Month of the Grant Program

“Since starting the biomedical protocol I’ve noticed that my son Kyle sleeps a whole lot better, he actually wants to potty train now, and he is just about potty trained in as little as two weeks time. Klye is trying to communicate his wants and needs more, his speech is much more clear now than before starting the gluten-fee/casein-free diet, he is much more curious about things around him and he wants to interact more with others.

Kyle is much more independent as well (with brushing his own teeth and other daily living skills), he is engaged for longer periods of time, and his gross motor skills have improved as well. He is walking up and down the stairs all by himself now where before he was not and his occupational therapist worked with him on this for over a year with little success.

Overall, we have seen great changes with our son and we hope to see many more!”

Andrea (Kyle’s mom)









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