• September 27, 2011
  • Generation Rescue
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Family Grant Update from Kylee’s Mom, Susan

“I just have to share some amazing things that happened today with my daughter kylee.

This week has been rough for her… She is getting used to all day school, the change in the diet and daddy has been traveling a lot with his work. As a result she has been having daily breakdowns. Today after one of her breakdowns was coming to an end and we were talking about what happened and why, I asked her if she understood what I was telling her, she said back to me ‘I am listening to what you are saying but I don’t know that I understand’ I don’t think I have to tell all of you how wonderful that was! I almost started crying right then and there.

Then shortly after I got a call from her teacher, she calls daily and gives me a report. This last week the teacher usually was telling me how she was having a difficult time getting Kylee to focus on work and finish tasks but today she told me that she was instructing the children to attend to their entry task and kylee was spacing off. She told me she went to kylee made eye contact and asked her to focus on her task and went back to her desk. She looked over at kylee when she got to her desk and saw kylee close her eyes and tell herself ‘ok kylee, you can do this, focus, you can do it’ and then she did!! She even finished before the other children!

I really needed to see improvement this week. I hope everyone else is seeing improvements too!”

Susan, Kylee’s Mom


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