• January 16, 2014
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First Steps for the Parents of a Newly Diagnosed Child with Autism

“Your child has Autism” or “Your child is on the Autism Spectrum” is one of the most flat out devastating sentence for any parent to hear about their son or daughter.  For some time, you may have suspected something wrong, and even tried to convince your pediatrician that something was wrong.  They always had some kind of fictional retort such as, “You know, boys are slower to develop language than girls,” or, “It is not unusual for children to lose language when you bring home a new baby sister,” and my favorite, “It is common to not start speaking until age 4!” But now, you have the diagnosis, and you want to fix this problem…and now!  So, let’s give you some tools you can start RIGHT NOW to put your child on the road to recovery. 

There are 3 major areas you can start working on right now: diet, sleep, and the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract). Let’s briefly explain our approach to dietary modifications first, as it tends to impact sleep and bowel movements as well.  80% of the patients seen in my clinic respond very positively to the 100% removal (no “cheats”) of dairy containing foods such as milk, cheese, yogurt, and ANYTHING that has dairy in it.  With the removal of dairy, you can see better sleep, fewer tantrums, and even better looking stools.  Parents also say they observe better eye contact and an increased awareness of their surroundings.  So, removing dairy can cause huge changes all by itself.  But wait, there’s more.  

Next we need to remove all GLUTEN containing foods.  Gluten is derived from the Latin word “glut” which means glue.  Gluten is found in many of the common flours we use in baking.  These flours include wheat, oats, rye, and barley.  Gluten is a protein that gives baked products their elastic, stretchable, and “hold together” consistency.  Imagine a pizza dough being tossed into the air as it is being formed, how it is so elastic it is almost rubbery.  This dough is made from gluten enriched flour.  As you are probably thinking, between the dairy containing foods and the gluten containing foods, there probably is not much left to feed your son or daughter!  HERE IS WHERE YOU MAY NEED SOME HELP!  Generation rescue has an army of moms who can help you figure all this out.  They are called Rescue Angels, and you can get real experienced help from someone who also, like you, is living this experience. They can tell you about how to wean your child off of foods that can be actually contributing to the autistic symptoms, what to replace them with, and even where, in your local area you can purchase them.  They know this can add some expense to your food budget, and they know the tricks of keeping the prices as low as possible! 

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