• February 7, 2013
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From Top 10 lists to Conversations with Mom

After only one month of trying biomedical treatment in your grant program, we have seen many positive changes in our son that we are so excited to share! Angel is much calmer than he was before and his hand flapping has almost disappeared. When we added the multivitamins to his supplement protocol his bowel movements became softer and much more regular. 


Our son has always been verbal, but the quality of his sentences has improved. What used to be long lectures on topics that only he was interested in such as the top 10 Pokemon or dinosaurs from Africa has shifted to include things to help me understand what he likes and doesn’t like. For example, just yesterday Angel asked me to cook his favorite food, saying “But Mom, you need to put some more salt on it, last time it needed more salt!” He has never said anything like this before! 


Now he wants to ride his bike with no training wheels, he sat through a whole movie and he even commented that he wanted to be in the movie! Last night, Angel came home and found his clothes on his bed and put them away. He did his chores. :) One last thing… Angel greeted and talked to our neighbor without being prompted. 


I am so happy to see and share all this progress! More to come… 


- Mother Warrior, Vanessa 



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