• March 31, 2013
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Gluten Free Dairy Free Spring Treats

Hi this is Dorangela, from Two Prince Bakery Theater, sharing some Spring inspiration for you. During this time of the year we love using bright pastels to decorate with, including our treats! Today I am going to show you how to make some gluten free dairy free white chocolate lollipops and how I incorporated them into a beautiful spring tablescape. These are so cute and will be wonderful during the holidays for my two boys to enjoy! I’ve also put together a few other fun elements that are very simple to do but will turn any spring day into a party.



These adorable and yummy gluten free dairy free white chocolate lollipops were so simple to make if you have the proper ingredients. I order this white vegan chocolate because I have yet to find any at any grocery store or health food store. I used these sweet little bunny and chics candy mold that came with the sticks you need. Most craft stores have a large assortment of candy molds you can use. These happened to be seasonal and perfect for Spring!



First melt the chocolate chips in a microwave safe mold and add one tablespoon of spectrum shortening I used an entire bag for these three pops. Coat candy molds with a thin layer of organic coconut oil so chocolate won’t stick once cooled. I then used a few sprinkles to bring the pops to life. Put sprinkles in before pouring chocolate. Since you are using sprinkles wait til chocolate is barely warm before pouring into mold so you won’t melt the sprinkles. Make sure to rest the lollipop sticks at the edge of each mold submerged in the chocolate. I let mine cool for about two hours in the refrigerator before popping them out of the mold. I am so pleased with how they turned out and so are my boys! 


To complete their cute little Spring table I added some gluten free dairy free cupcakes with white vegan frosting and topped them with the most adorable bunny toppers which I purchased here. As you can see I also placed some cute little Peeps in egg holders and accented them with some wooden spoons from here. Did you know that Peeps are gluten free? To complete I used a bright fun tablecloth and tulle wrap around garland, with a fun ragamuffin wreath. My boys love bubbles so in keeping with the color scheme I tied some pretty striped grosgrain ribbon around bubble containers and put them alongside the treats!


I hope you enjoy these gluten free and dairy free idea to add a little color and fun to your Spring and holidays! I will be back soon to share more inspiration with you. Until then feel free to come visit me over at Twoprince.com for more fun ideas and tempting treats!

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