• April 23, 2014
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Going Non-Toxic on a Budget

One of the eight steps on our Autism Action Plan is to a live a non-toxic lifestyle. With thousands of chemicals in our everyday household and beauty products, only 43% have actually been tested for safety. It is crucial to begin limiting your family’s toxic exposure. 


We’ve come up with our favorite non-toxic on a budget tips and products to share with you, to help ensure your family can live as toxin-free as possible without breaking the bank. 


Tips for Staying Non-Toxic On a Budget:

- Use Basic Products You Already Have at Home: Use helpful household products that are super cheap, easy and keep your house smelling and looking great. You can basically use vinegar, baking soda and lemon to clean almost anything.


- Stock up on houseplants: If you can’t afford one of those indoor air filters, you can use houseplants to help clean the air inside your house. Spider plants, palms and ferns help filter out a lot of toxins in the air in your house.


- Open up your windows: Remember when the weather is good, let the fresh air in! 


- Use coconut oil: Organic, virigin coconut oil is great for everything from replacing personal products to boosting your immunity, so be sure to stock up! 


- Buy in bundles: Companies like The Honest Company offerly discounted montly bundle packages. You can save up to 35% with Honest and choose up to seven new products each month! 


- Shop Online Deals: VineMarket.com is a great go-to for online shopping. From food, to household cleaning and personal products - they have everything! It’s a like a non-toxic, allergy-friendly Target with great deals! Another good online shop with great deals is Amazon! Plus, when you shop Amazon Smile, a portion of your purchase goes back to GR! 


- Make your own: From deodorant to hairspray, we’re always looking for new DIY recipes for products for the home. 


Another great tip is to use apps, like EWG’s SkinDeep, to find the best nontoxic personal and household cleaning products. Then comparison shop for the best deals. 


What are your favorite tips and products? Share them with us on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s #ChatAutism! 



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