• January 8, 2014
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GR #StaffPicks: Favorite Products for the New Year

We hope you all enjoyed the holidays and welcomed the new year with lots of love and fun with your friends and family. We survived Blue Monday (the first day back to school and work after the holiday break) and came up with a list of all our favorite products for the new year, along with some of our resolutions. Let us know what you think! 



  Biocidin by Bio-Botanical Research 

  Great products to boost your family’s wellness! 




  Coromega Fish Oils

  Yummy Omega-3s for the whole family! 




  EnjoyLife Foods

  Delicious assortment of allergy-friendly snack and desserts. EnjoyLife chocolate chips are one of our favorite sweet-tooth fixes. 



  Enymedica Enzymes

  Enymes are peftect for digestion when you have food intolernaces. We pack them for every staff outing! 






  intelliBED Mini 

  One of the most comfortable beds you could ever sleep on! 





  Oxy Health’s HBOT Chamber 

  One of our goals is to get in the HBOT Chamber more this year - so many great benefits for the whole family! 




If you want to learn more about any of these products, you can check them out in our store




Candace (Executive Director): I’m not a huge resolution person because they don’t generally last. This year, I am going to create new habits and commit to the 21 days of making it happen. First I am tackling blogging or shall we say the art of writing often. Next I am adding a book list to my new habits, each month I have specific books to read for business and pleasure. The scariest and most challenging of them all, is I am going to conquer my fear of heights and claustrophobia this year and will push myself to do those activities.


Stephanie (Program Coordinator): My new year resolution is to meditate on a regular basis, be present more with my friends and family, ran a half-marathon (currently doing my #100byVday) in addition to hot yoga, and drink more bulletproof coffee for all the benefits it’s supposed to have! 


Zack (New Media Coordinator): Not a “New Year Resolution” because those never last past Valentine’s Day, but I plan to take sugar out of my diet. Or at least limit it… a lot. 


Annette (Member Fundraiser): I plan to run 5ks every month! 


What plans do you have for the New Year?


Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, or leave us a comment.


Can’t wait to read them! 


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