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Grant Program Round 11 Recap

With the wrap-up of our most recent participants in the Rescue Family grant program, we wanted to introduce you to a few of the families and their stories.  The latest study by the CDC reports that 1 in 50 school-aged children are affected by an autism spectrum disorder. The need to share resources, support and action in our community continues to grow. Generation Rescue’s Rescue Family grant provides a 90- day biomedical “jump start” to families in need.  Our families have shared their start towards helping their child and their dedication toward continued progress. We know that they will inspire you as well. 


We started slowly by removing and replacing gluten products. I knew we were on the right track because the diarrhea he used to have every two weeks for a day or two disappeared. A week or two before formally starting with the grant, Angel was totally on a GFCF diet. We included more organic products and eliminated products containing artificial dyes. I cooked most of our meals from scratch (and still do). We introduced The Listening Program and supplements according to the protocol. He didn’t like the flavor of the multivitamins but we offered rewards (extra computer time) and he was willing to take them. When the time was approaching to introduce capsules, I showed the supplement to him and explained that he could try to swallow the capsule or I could place it with juice in a syringe. He practiced swallowing small pieces of grapes and he said he was ready to try the capsules, and he did it!

I learned the important role of some vitamins and supplements, how his immune system was affected, and about the gut-brain connection. It was important to heal his gut first. The same way a painter prepares the canvas with primer before painting on it, we had to take care of his digestive tract before any other biomedical intervention.    

My son’s ATEC at the beginning of the grant was 27; at the end of the program it was 12. The first changes we saw were in his stools. That was achieved with the diet and the first weeks of the protocol. Then we saw changes in his social and communication skills. He was calmer, slept better than ever, wasn’t as hyperactive as before, and by consequence didn’t flap his arms that much. Those changes came from the inside. He was more alert than ever. He started asking more meaningful questions, interacting more appropriately with his peers in school, his social skills group, and on the playground. He needed prompts, but he still initiated those interactions and that was something new. He pays more attention to jokes and relates them to other people. When we read chapter books together, I ask a few questions, and he can now answer with more clarity than a few months ago. He remembers to water his plants; he’s also playing baseball in The Miracle League this spring. He’s been at a 2nd grade reading level since Kindergarten but now he’s within the average range for 2nd grade reading comprehension. He shares his feelings and dreams with us. To me, that is huge!  

We’re continuing with the diet, vitamins, and supplements. We’re also on the waiting list with a local biomedical doctor, because the next step might more aggressive and I want to have a local physician for that step. He’s going to summer camp (social skills and ABA) at Pediatric Behavioral Services (the same one he went to last year with great results). He will also attend swimming lessons to improve his swimming skills and continue to be involved in sports.

My only hope is to see Angel as a happy and independent boy, teenager, and later, adult. That, I suppose, may take different steps at different moments. He’s come a long way already. This is part of the future we hoped for. A few years ago, we wished for things that are part of our reality now. The days he couldn’t speak in full sentences are so far behind, the days he walked non-stop around the carpet are gone, the days he cried when we had to turn the TV off in the middle of Dora The Explorer are gone, the days he couldn’t see different foods touching each other on his plate are gone, the days he wouldn’t fall asleep unless I or his dad was by his side are gone too.

I am a believer and I want to instill that in Angel. As long as he can believe, in something, or himself, everything will be possible for him.

Vanessa, Mom to Angel


Our son Logan, 3, was diagnosed with autism last July. I remember with a tremble in my voice asking the practitioner, “What happens when he gets older?” She replied, “There are institutions and group homes where he can live.” In an instant, all my hopes and my dreams for my son faded into dust. I grieved. I cried till the well went dry. I became angry. That anger evolved into action. I devoured books on autism like they were candy. I became informed. 

The absolute turning point in our healing process was when a friend recommended that we take Logan to see her physician. After seeing countless professionals, he was the only one to mention the possibility of recovery. He told me about the gut-brain connection, the importance of probiotics and recommended we start the gluten/casein free diet. Within weeks of implementing the diet, our son slowly came back to us. His eye contact improved, his desire to be present with us increased dramatically and his comprehension grew. I was now a believer in biomedical treatment since I saw the improvements myself! Next, we participated in the Generation Rescue grant program. Even more improvements! He had solid stools for the first time, made more speech attempts, his sensory seeking behavior decreased and he started using utensils on his own. We started eliminating household toxins and cleaned up his diet with organic and preservative free foods. He made even more progress yet!

I want to let other parents know that there is so much hope for our children. Autism is treatable and recovery is possible. Logan is on schedule to be mainstreamed by kindergarten and his teachers say that he can read and has the comprehension of a 5-year-old. We still struggle with his inability to talk. We know now that will also come in time. Until then, nothing is louder than his momma’s voice. I will continue to advocate for him and heal his body. We are forever thankful to Generation Rescue for helping us find our son again. 

Brandee, Mom to Logan


I first heard about Generation Rescue from a friend of mine who has a 5-year-old son that had amazing success while being part of the Generation Rescue grant program.  She told me to apply for a grant for my 4-year-old son Brayden. So I applied and was pleasantly surprised when we were accepted into the program. Since starting the program we continued the gluten-free, casein-free diet, but added soy free to it as well. We received all of the supplements, The Listening Program resources and reading materials including Jenny and Dr. Kartzinel’s book, “Healing and Preventing Autism” and got started. Each week we began a new supplement as instructed in the protocol. Brayden did great on each product. His teachers started seeing better eye contact, he was following directions, paying attention and even said a few words.  He is doing much better with his Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) board. His sensory needs also lessened towards the end of the program. 

We have been continuing the supplements. We feel that the vitamins and minerals are an important to restoring his health. In our household, we’re huge fans of Bioray’s Liver Life, Renew Life’s Probiotic and Enzymedica’s Candidase.  We have seen our physician that was specially trained to treat the symptoms of autism and have had lab tests completed. We are anxiously waiting for more appointments with the physician for Brayden’s individualized protocols based on his lab testing to see even more progress. Our hope for the future is to see improvements each and every day as the weeks and months go on.  Our number one goal is for him to talk and to be mainstreamed, as Kindergarten is a year away. 

Thank you so much Generation Rescue. You all are amazing and I would not be where we are right now with out you all. You are such a blessing to our families. 

Kendra & Jeff – Mom & Dad to Brayden

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