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  • June 15, 2016
  • Generation Rescue
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“He is RESPONDING to questions!”

As we come to a close of our Spring 2016 round of the Rescue Family Grant Program, we wanted to share some updates from our current grant families with the progress their kiddos have been making since beginning the program in April.


Family Testimonials: 

“My daughter is verbalizing more, she loves the listening program she listens to it everyday. My son is also speaking more himself.” - Kelly, daughter age 6

“James is using 5+ word sentences regularly now. He is RESPONDING to questions by saying ‘OK’ or sometimes ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.” - Jennifer, James’s mom

Since beginning the program, Joshua has, “better eye contact!” - Iris, Joshua’s mom


Following the implementation of a gluten-free, casein-free diet: 
After going GF/CF, Iris say’s Joshua also has much “less hyperactivity.”

“It’s like he comes much closer to the surface. He’s not so foggy and far away, he’s easier to reach.”  - Jennifer, James’s mom


Following The Listening Program:
“The Listening Program seems to be making a huge difference. It seems to make him try a lot harder with speech and with interaction. We are HUGE fans.” - Jennifer, James’s mom

“We are so grateful to this amazing opportunity for my kids, we just saw our biomedical doctor and I know my kids will be just fine. I am forever grateful to Generation Rescue for having this program available to the less fortunate!” - Kelly


Apply for the Rescue Family Grant Program today! The Summer 2016 application process closes June 23rd. Apply here


Names of grant families have been changed to protect their anonymity.


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