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Healthy Thanksgiving Feast

It’s that time of year to gives thanks for all of our many blessings and to spend quality time with our families. This usually includes a Thanksgiving feast. Usually at these meals, we over indulge so much that afterwards we end up doubled over and crashed in the corner, bloated, moaning and groaning. This does not have to be the case. There is a way to have a healthy version of most of the foods we love and end up feeling great (the best of all worlds).


Meal Planning

In my experience, Thanksgiving is usually an all-day family event with a big family gathering and meal around 2:00 and a second go around in the evening. I recommend that if you follow my smart food combining rules that I have expressed in my earlier articles and book Eat Smart Eat Simple and preferably eat foods that are best for your blood type (follow my Guide to Smart Food Choices), you can have two wonderful meals, afternoon and evening, and feel satisfied and very comfortable. 


Smart Food Combining

A simplified version of the rules for smart food combining is to always eat fruit alone and first. Wait 1 hour then have a salad, veggies and protein or salads, veggies and starches, carbs and or grains. Just never have protein and starches together. This is what causes all our digestive and eventually health issues. Protein and starches digest differently and can’t be processed at the same time, so consuming them together just puts our bodies into a state of stress and war.




Cranberries are usually part of a thanksgiving meal, so since it is a fruit have it first, like an appetizer, wait an hour and then have your main meal.  Fruit digests in one hour and the other food groups take 3-5 hours to digest. If you eat the cranberries or any other fruit with the other food groups, it will be held back for 3-5 hours, ferment and putrefy, and cause you a lot of gas, bloated and intestinal discomfort.  


After waiting the one hour, now it is time for your main meal. It’s not about portions or calories, it is about what calories you consume together, and when you eat properly, you actually digest the food, absorb the nutrients and get satisfied and will automatically portion control.


Afternoon Main Course (Protein Meal)

The main meal can consist of salads with veggies and protein (no starchy vegetables or starchy beans, follow my list of non-starchy and starchy foods in my Guide book), a variety of steamed, sautéed or cooked non-starchy vegetables and non-starchy beans, such as green beans, broccoli, asparagus, spinach etc., and your choice of protein. Usually this is turkey or tofu if you are a vegetarian. Just don’t have potatoes, dressing, pumpkin or pie at this meal. One of my family’s and client’s favorite protein desserts is my frozen almond butter dish.



Protein Dessert

Take a half a jar to a full jar of almond butter (depending on how many guest you have), add almond milk, (the more milk, the more ice creamy it is and with less milk the more it is like a candy bar), and mix together. Then add chopped nuts and seeds of your choice, a little stevia and mix altogether and spread it out in a pie dish or dishes. Then cover it with cacao powder and cacao nibs and freeze it. Cut into squares and serve as a dessert. It is to die for. 


Or try my Toasted Almond Brittle


Evening Meal (Starch/Carb/Grain Meal)

The evening meal can consist of salads with non-starchy and starchy vegetables and beans, non-starchy and starchy vegetables, carbs and grains, such as potatoes, yams, carrots, beets, pumpkin, rice, quinoa, non-gluten bread and a non-gluten dressing (can be made with quinoa, it’s really good). 


Starch Dessert

Ideally you want to refrain from the typical sugar, dairy and gluten laden desserts. One of my family’s and client’s favorite starch dessert is my pumpkin custard for blood types O, A & AB or Squash Custard for Type B and all other types too. Recipe here


Or try my Coconut Rice Pudding.



If you eat your means in this matter, you can have all your favorites, the meals with digest properly and you will feel wonderful, have great energy and be at your very best the next day.


Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing all of you a Very Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your healthy Thanksgiving Feast.

To Your Good Health, 

Dr. Bo

About the Author:

Dr. Bo Wagner holds a Doctor of Natural Medicine, a Doctor of Naturopathy, a Ph.D. & Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition, is Board Certified in Integrative Medicine, a Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine and a former Dean of Internal Wellness & Professor of Functional Medicine and currently serves as an Adjunct Faculty member at the University of Natural Medicine. Visit: www.drbo.com for more information and resources, and connect with Dr. Bo on Facebook and Twitter.

*These statements in this blog have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your physician if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition before beginning supplementation. Information contained in this bulletin is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician.

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