2 Reasons to Stock Up on Wine this Holiday Season

The holiday season has officially begun! It’s the season of gratitude, good times, and good food. But, of course, we can’t forget: good wine!

Why do you need to stock up on good wine? Hear us out. We’ve laid out a solid case for you below, starting with the benefits.

There are benefits?

Yes! Red wine has been proven to help you pack in the polyphenols (most notably resvertrol). Polyphenols contain antioxidant properties, which are great for fighting free radicals in your body. Yes, there are potential health benefits to drinking some good, high-quality wine! (An even better reason to enjoy a glass.) All in moderation, of course 😉

Sounds like a solid deal, right? Wait — it gets betters.

The benefits go well beyond your wine glass…

We found a wine club that cares about giving back! Meet our new pals: Dry Farm Wines (aka, Team GR’s favorite wine, that also keeps our warrior wellness game strong). 

Dry Farms Wines is a better-for-you alternative to your classic glass. Their wines are not only organic and gluten-free, but do not contain any sugar, mold, or additives. (You read that right.) They’re low in sulfites and low in carbs… but full of LOVE!

We’ve teamed up with them so every time you place an order right here, a portion of those proceeds will go back to GR to help families affected by autism. Plus, your first bottle is only a penny. We rest our case 🎤 

Check out some of our favorite fall picks here and place your first order now! (Hurry, Thanksgiving’s just right around the corner!)


xoxo, Team GR

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