• September 24, 2014
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How To Find a Non-Toxic Mattress

Here are three reasons to re-think your toxic mattress: 


1. Toxic mattresses contain a slew of fire retardants


When you think about the properties of a good mattress, what comes to mind? Probably comfort, durability, and support. But would you expect your mattress to be fireproof? By U.S. law, mattresses are required to withstand a two-foot wide open flame of a blowtorch for 70 seconds. To meet this ridiculous standard, mattresses are drenched with toxic fire retardants as a last step in the manufacturing process. 


2. We are most vulnerable to toxic mattresses during sleep


Our nervous system has two states: sympathetic, the fight-or-flight mode, and parasympathetic, the rest-and-digest mode. When we sleep, particularly during REM sleep, we are in full parasympathetic mode. Because the body lets its guard down in parasympathetic mode, we are at our most vulnerable state to the effects of toxins. Parasympathetic mode + close proximity to toxic mattress off-gassing = bad combination!


3. Toxic mattresses pose higher risk for infants and children


When it comes to infants’ bedding, fire retardants compromise only a fraction of the off-gassing chemicals. Most crib mattresses are covered with vinyl cover. New crib mattresses off-gass a toxic slew of chemicals from the vinyl and fire retardants.


Non-toxic mattress options


IntelliBED is designed to be completely non-toxic, and caters to the most sensitive individuals. No one has ever experienced an allergy or reaction to their mattress. IntelliBED has two primary goals that must both be met for the best sleep quality: non-toxic materials and adequate support. IntelliBED has been able to meet both these goals due to the materials they use.


IntelliBED offers support and allows proper body alignment


Mattresses made with only organic materials break down quickly and do not provide the support that it key for deep, resorative sleep. When your mattress properly supports your body, it can revolutionize your sleep because you’ll stay in the stage 3 and 4 stages of sleep. When you toss and turn, you come out of the deeper stages of sleep. Because IntelliBED supports proper alignment during sleep, many people stop tossing and turning. The main feature of IntelliBED is the pressure-relieving IntelliGEL. Because this patented gel re-distributes pressure so well, it’s used in hospitals for bed-ridden patients to prevent bedsores. Also, mattresses made with only organic materials can foster microbial growth, which is another reason why IntelliBED chose to use their non-toxic gel base.


Non-Toxic Materials in IntelliBED


IntelliGEL – Since IntelliGEL is made with mineral oil, it is not considered an organic material. But it is completely non-toxic and has been widely tested for safety and is approved for use in baby-bottle nipples. This gel doesn’t off-gass and won’t foster microbial growth. SAFE fire retardants – Like all mattresses, IntelliBED must meet the stupid fire-proof standards. They use natural silica, a fire-retardant mineral and the safest option available. Steel springs and organic cotton – The springs are very important to help provide the support of the mattress. You can read more about the materials used in IntelliBED mattress here. Recently, IntelliBED went back to their all foam suppliers to ensure that there were no toxic materials in the foams the company uses.  All foam we use meet a standard called CertiPUR-US.  These are analyzed by an independent, accredited testing laboratory and are made without ozone depletes, PBDE flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde and phthalates. The foams are also low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound – less than 0.5 parts per million (below 1.0 ppm is consider safe).


How to get an IntelliBED Mattress


IntelliBED is the only company to offer a 30 year warranty on their mattresses, even though they usually last much longer. Intellibed also offers solutions for budgets of various sizes. To get extra support properties, you can also use their non-toxic mattress topper on top of a firm mattress. This might be a good compromise if you are buying a used conventional mattress. In addition their pillows are made with the same non-toxic materials. You’ll also have a risk-free 60 day trial, and if you don’t like the mattress, IntelliBED will refund your purchase and pay the return shipping fees. They are able to offer this because hardly anyone ever returns their mattress.


If you use this referral link you will automatically get 10% off your order. 


So reconsider that toxic mattress and invest in your health and a good night’s sleep!


To learn more visit Lauren Geertsen’s review here or visit IntelliBED’s website.


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