• June 23, 2015
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How well is your current treatment plan working for you?

We have talked with thousands of parents who have tried many therapies with their children on the autism spectrum. Some children have had short-term gains; some have had more lasting gains, even recovery.  Most parents however are frustrated and many don’t know what to do.

A Major Difference, Inc., manufacturer of the IonCleanse® detoxification system, has analyzed the market and found that there are tremendous products and services available. So why are so many not getting the results they hope for?

To create lasting change, critical steps must be followed, and the order of these steps is paramount in your recovery efforts. Below are the steps pictured in the order that will create the results you are seeking.



If cell receptor sites are blocked with toxins, is the body really able to assimilate and utilize the nutrition you are providing your child? If the communication highways in the body are clogged with toxins, are thought processes able to get from point A to point B? Obviously, the answer to both of these questions is no. What would happen if those toxic barriers were removed? This is exactly what the IonCleanse® by AMD does – opens the body’s pathways and reduces its toxic load.
Addressing toxicity should be the first step in anyone’s journey to regain health. Even if you are 8, 9, 10 years into your recovery efforts with your child, it’s never too late to introduce a detox program. When you incorporate a detox program into your child’s health regimen, you set the stage for all other modalities to be more effective. The IonCleanse® by AMD is a non-invasive, painless system that children come to love. The IonCleanse® foot bath detoxification system creates an environment in the body that can accept change—lasting change.

A real-life story from one of our customers

“My son has the dreaded double homozygous MTHFR mutations that are compounded by CBS and CYP mutations as well. He basically couldn’t methylate, couldn’t detox and couldn’t transport. When I saw his genetic report in front of me and I began interpreting it, it all suddenly made sense. I wasn’t helping my son by giving him dozens of supplements daily; he couldn’t move them through because he didn’t transport and his pathways were totally blocked. Not only were the supplements ineffective, they were contributing to his body’s toxic overload. Even healthy, clean supplements can become toxic if the body cannot utilize them and they build up without any way to be eliminated. The realization also explained to me why so many other children were making huge gains with treatments like HBOT, chelation, homeopathy, and organ specific detox, but my son wasn’t. He literally couldn’t utilize anything that we were giving him. Anything we introduced to his body, whether it was oral or transdermal, had nowhere to go and no way to get there. We were chasing our tails and creating an even larger problem for our son than we ever realized.
Once we started using the IonCleanse® by AMD, we started seeing incredible results. In just 4 months, my 8 year son’s ATEC dropped from a 42 to 9! He is a totally different child.”
How is the IonCleanse® by AMD different from other detoxification programs or products?

Oral chelation, IV chelation, and binding agents are all forms of detoxification. And they all have one thing in common – they rely on the body’s elimination processes to remove the toxins. If your child’s systems are compromised, these therapies may bind the toxins but that does not mean they are exiting the body.

The IonCleanse® by AMD puts nothing into the body. The IonCleanse® proprietary system’s safe, positively-and-negatively-charged ions create a relaxation response and help the body open up communication pathways that are blocked by toxins.


How effective is the IonCleanse® by AMD for those on the spectrum?

The Thinking Moms Revolution just completed a 4-month study using the IonCleanse® by AMD system. The average ATEC score went down 35% by the end of the 4 months. Results of this study as well as other information (including AMD’s 100% money back guarantee) will be detailed in our next blog post, so stay tuned!


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