• January 10, 2013
  • Generation Rescue
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“I Believe My Son Will Heal”

“I am so encouraged by the difference we have seen in our two year old son! We started the gluten-free and casein-free diet a few weeks before the grant program and we noticed that he stopped regressing right away. 


Now, just two months into the grant, he has made amazing progress! We haven’t included many traditional therapies for him during this time, so we know it is the supplements and diet! He had regressed so much that he no longer used any of his 30 words. He rarely made eye contact. He was grumpy and irritable all day. It was horrible. Now he is using more and more words and learning new words. He makes eye contact and engages in joint attention all day long. He imitates us! He is happy most days and very engaging! We can tell now that he did not feel good! We even consulted a nutritionist so we are making sure to add healthy foods into his diet and his DAN! Doctor had some great ideas about foods that promote healthy gut mucous and how to get veggies in him. 


I have learned so much during this grant process. I know that I am meant to help other families experiencing autism and help them heal too! I am very excited for the future and I believe my son will be healed! I am so glad we caught this early and got started with biomedical treatment early!”


- Aimee, Warrior Mom 

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