Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Oz Debate Vaccines

Thursday morning, Jenny McCarthy sat down with Dr. Mehmet Oz (host of The Dr. Oz Show) on The Jenny McCarthy Show to discuss the health of our country. They covered everything from the benefits of CBD to the high levels of arsenic in apple juice.

The conversation took a turn when Jenny asked Dr. Oz to weigh-in on the old vaccine debate. Is the case closed? Are vaccines safe? Should parents have the right to choose?

Dr. Oz (who prefaced that this is an issue he has debated with his own wife) said that though adverse reactions do happen to people with a genetic susceptibility (i.e. mitochondrial dysfunction), he considers them “safe enough.”

Jenny, however, argued it’s still a conversation that needs to be had; we have yet to actually close the case just yet. Both stressed the issue of needing more research and giving parents the option make an informed decision.

“I think parents today in America, by in large, have the right to not vaccinate their kids… I don’t think we should force them. I believe a lot of those parents would probably vaccinate their kids if there wasn’t a law forcing them or pushing them or shoving them harshly to do it.” - Dr. Oz

Catch Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Oz debate vaccines below:

What are your thoughts on Jenny’s discussion with Dr. Oz? Is the case closed? What research would you like to see done?

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