Jenny’s 4 Self-Love Tips for Moms This Valentine’s Day

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We’re caretakers, we’re givers; we’re moms. There’s no question that we have a team of people that rely on us. But guess what? We’re not perfect and we need a little love now and again. As much as we care and invest in our kids, we also need to care and invest in ourselves. The best way to give of ourselves fully is to make sure we’re well enough to carry on.

Valentine’s Day often comes with eye-rolls because, Who has the time? Or the money? Or, who cares, right? Wrong. We should embrace this day because it’s a day to share love. Naturally, with our partner, but most importantly, with ourselves.


Here are four practical ways we can show a little self-love this Valentine’s:


1. Enjoy a Quiet Night-In

I know, that sounds impossible. Between doing the laundry, making dinner, getting the kids to bed — it can feel like there’s no time. But guess what? When dinner is done and the kids are down, what better time to enjoy a little “me-time?” While all the newly-weds are out and about, you can still bring a little luxury home. Let the to-do list sit for the night, grab some popcorn, flip on some Netflix, cuddle up on the couch and just embrace the moment. Whether it’s solo (to enjoy some peaceful alone time) or it’s with your partner (to build that intimacy) you don’t need fancy dinner reservations to make the night special.


2. Buy Yourself a Gift 

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that comes with lots of expectations; whether it’s that our husbands will book us a nice dinner out or we’ll wake up to a bouquet of roses sitting on the counter or dazzled by a “surprise” we’ve only been dropping hints about for the past three months. Regardless of what it is, why not take off the pressure and channel your expectations into self-love? (Especially for the single moms that may be feeling down this V-Day.)

Forget waiting for roses and buy yourself a gift. It doesn’t have to be extravagant; it just has to be out of love (for yourself). Whether it’s something as simple as a box of your favorite chocolates or, if you’re a gal that loves the finer things, one of my go-to’s a chic bangle from Angelica Collection  that fits your personality and style. Whatever it is, fancy yourself something that fits you, slap on some lipstick, and rock your inner warrior. This may be a couples holiday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy yourself a little treat too. #NoShame


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3. Take a Nice Long Bubble Bath 

Nothing is more satisfying after a long day than a nice hot bubble bath with some “I’ll Be Loving You (Forever)” in the background, a nice glass of wine in hand, and some candles lit around the tub. Throw in some bath fizzles and just take an hour to relax and unwind.


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4. Book a Night Out

Maybe you have a little saved up and there’s a hot new restaurant you’ve been dying to try. There’s no need to feel bad about taking the night off, hiring a sitter or calling up grandma to babysit for a night. We should never have any guilt about investing in our own well-being or in working on your marriage. A strong foundation of parental values is important when raising a family. Just one rule: no talking about the kids! Enjoy a deep, meaningful convo and don’t forget, this is your partner. He picked you, for better or worse, so keep making that relationship work. Throw in a little love tonic to spice up the night.


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xxoo, Team GR

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