• April 18, 2013
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Join Me at AutismOne!

With May fast approaching I hope you have considered coming to Autism One. I remember hearing about Autism One (A1) while I was at another autism conference about 4 years ago. At the time I knew nothing about A1 but I heard it was a really fantastic conference with diverse information and it was touted at the best autism conference out there. When I finally got a chance to attend, which was last year, I was completely blown away by this conference. For me it felt like home. I quickly made friends with a few other attendees and got right to business planning out all the lectures I would attend. 


There were so many lectures by prominent doctors and clinicians I really had to take time to review the whole guide and determine exactly who I wanted to see and when. And I saw some amazing speakers. This year the schedule looks just as amazing. I can’t wait to hear from both familiar voices and from some new game changers. 


But some of the best conversations I have heard are actually during the fun night life and other events at A1. I had an awesome moment with Dr. Martha Herbert during her book signing. Most of the other attendees were in lectures and I was the only one at Dr. Herbert’s booth. We talked for quite a while before anyone else came up to get her signature. I also loved hanging out in the Generation Rescue lounge where you could easily talk to the vendors and other attendees (sometimes speakers too). And although I am not a Dad, I love the Dad’s Night Out. What a great idea for those warrior dads to get a chance to just hang out, drink beer and go bowling! I, personally, am excited for Salon Night as I’m ready to be pampered. 


A few tips I learned from last year, although the venue is different, I hope the tips are still useful. Make use of the conference breakfasts and lunches. They are usually offered in the vendor section and are cash meals. These were great and a lot cheaper than meals at the hotel restaurant. Make sure you really look at your schedule and get a good idea of who you want to see. Don’t be afraid to get up and leave a lecture if it isn’t for you, or you really want to check out another speaker. Make the most of your conference experience by talking with the vendors, many of them are very helpful. Make sure you have some fun while you are there. It is an overwhelming experience and we all want to recover our children, but you do need some time to recharge your own batteries. And lastly, if you see me, stop me and say hello. I would love to have a chance to talk to you!



About Maryann DellaRocco

Maryann DellaRocco is the mother behind the blog Matthew’s Puzzle, which chronicles her journey into the world of autism and biomedical interventions. She is married and has three boys, her oldest is on the spectrum. Follow her on Twitter:@matthewspuzzle.

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