• August 17, 2012
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Karma Sponsors a New Generation

Karma Foundation is proud to announce it has added another worthy charity to its philanthropy roster, by becoming a sponsor of Generation Rescue. Generation Rescue is a charity “dedicated to recovery for children and adults with autism spectrum disorders by providing guidance and support for medical treatment to directly improve the quality of life for all families in need.

Generation Rescue was Karma Foundation’s most recent charity beneficiary at its annual marquee event, Kandyland. Karma announced its formal sponsorship of Generation Rescue on July 16, 2012 at a private check presentation hosted by Barry & Rosanna Shy, Karma members. The event was attended by Karma members who personally donated to the charity, as well as Generation Rescue president, Jenny McCarthy and executive director Candace McDonald. Jenny visited and took pictures with each attending Karma member, voicing her appreciation and excitement of the new partnership.

Jenny McCarthy, Generation Rescue president, said: “It’s so great to find a sponsor like the Karma Foundation, where its members truly care about the people served by the nonprofits they support!”


In line with Karma Foundation’s fundamental goals and values, the relationship was started after Karma voluntarily sponsored 10 autistic children to participate in Generation Rescue’s grant program, providing medical assistance and services of which their families could not afford. These families, similar to the Karma membership selection process, were selected from across the country and several more families are still being chosen.

In addition to subsidizing the costs for medical services, Karma Foundation with the help of Generation Rescue, will track the treatment and progress of each of these families. Unlike other charity support entities, Karma Foundation not only raises funds, it prides itself on developing and nurturing long-term relationships with each nonprofit, charity, and organization it supports.

Marvin Epstein, Karma Foundation’s executive vice president of business development and philanthropy, said: “Our ongoing commitment to each charity we support, in addition to donations, is what we refer to as our ’philanthropy legacy‘ strategy. We believe our strategy demonstrates a genuine and critical component to insure the long term success of these organizations.”

“We are grateful to the Karma Foundation and it’s members for making a commitment to support our grant program to help provide treatment for families affected by autism,” said Candace McDonald, Executive Director of Generation Rescue.

“We appreciate not only their generous donations that they have made, but also the lasting partnership we have begun to build together. Their ongoing unique support strategy establishes an exciting initiative to help more families and create further awareness and growth for Generation Rescue.“

Generation Rescue currently helps more than 25,000 families affected by autism by providing education support and medical assistance. With mentors in 38 countries around the world, its services include a toll-free hotline, medical grants, parent mentors and conferences to educate and assist these families.

Bob Hellman, a Karma member, started generating fundraising momentum by making a $5,000 personal donation. “I am excited to be thought of as the ringleader of this member fundraising, but I am just glad to be part of it and very pleased that many of my fellow members joined in this effort”.

This type of member support and leadership through Karma Foundation is making an important and lasting impact on so many deserving organizations. Karma Foundation’s philanthropy legacy strategy and partnership with Generation Rescue will benefit those in need today, as well as set the bar for future Karma members to continue to help many generations to follow.


You can read more about Karma Foundation and its sponsorship of Generation Rescue on its website at, www.thekarmafoundation.com.







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