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  • August 24, 2015
  • Generation Rescue
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“Matt has become very talkative!”

“Matt has become very talkative and even talks to himself while playing with his toys. His imaginary play is definitely expanding, although he still becomes fixated on trains and cars. At times, we have also been able to have exchanges / conversations with increased eye contact While still infrequently, he has started talking about events in the past without prompting. It also appears that his cognitive awareness is increasing. Matt now understands that he has a special diet that will make him feel better and doesn’t make much of fuss when the other children at school have school lunches. If I have to go out, his grandma will let him play with the iPad… so I was shocked when he asked me if we can go to Manhattan! His reasoning and understanding seem to have improved!” Marie, mom to Matt, age 4.

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