• April 22, 2015
  • Generation Rescue
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Meet Our May Editors

Liz Wasserman: 

Founder of TrueGoods.com /

Nontoxic Living Expert

Stephanie Ray: 

Founder of BIORAY /

Natural Detox Expert



I can’t start my day without: 

Liz: A long snuggle in bed with my daughter, a few minutes concentrating on what I’m grateful for, and a raw protein superfood smoothie.


Stephanie: Talking with my team and getting priorities set each morning. I would be lost without the dialog – it helps me be grounded and sets the tone for the day. 



My mantra for the week is: 

Liz: Have wisdom in your actions and faith in your merits.


Stephanie: Listen well and be of service. 



My go-to Spring Wellness weapon is: 

Liz: High-dose probiotics, liposomal liquid glutathione, and immune boosting vitamin c powder.


Stephanie: Drinking 3-5 cups of matcha tea a day and exercising to the point of sweating. 



In my purse, you will always find: 

Liz: Snacks for my daughter, a few bags of licorice Tulsi tea, a small roll-on stick of clear zinc SPF 30 sunscreen, and my favorite rose-vanilla tinted lip blush balm.


Stephanie: Red Rooster (for working out) and Loving Energy (for calming my spirit) 


My first piece of advice to you would have to be: 

Liz: True change begins from the inside out. Anytime there’s a challenge in your life, be it health or personal or work-related, take a clear look inward and find out what’s really going on. It could mean going through a battery of biomedical lab workups or taking more time to focus on gratitude. Whatever the cause or remedy, take action and ownership. It’s empowering to know progress can start with us!


Stephanie: Ask questions, explore possibilities. You know in your heart of hearts what is best for you and your family. Trust yourself.



More about Elizabeth Wasserman | @LizWassermanCEO 

Liz is the Founder and CEO of TrueGoods.com, an honest online shop offering truly toxin-free products for the whole family – pets included! With degrees in psychology and clinical social work and graduate studies in business and organizational psychology, Liz is the consummate problem solver, believing we all have the right to know what’s in the products we bring into our homes. Following a shocking health crisis in her own life, and fueled by a passion for preventive health, a commitment to clean living, and a strong belief in informed wellness care, she started True Goods with a mission to help people harness their purchasing power to create healthier lives and a more sustainable environment. Like True Goods on Facebook or visit Liz at www.truegoods.com.  


More about Stephanie Ray | @StephanieBIORAY 

Stephanie has over 20 years of experience in Chinese medicine, specializing in detoxification and organ support. Over the last 7 years, Stephanie’s interest has extended to supporting the detoxification and nutritional needs of children. As a grant sponsor for Generation Rescue, and with her company’s investigative studies with children - she realized that the increase of toxin in today’s environment have a detrimental impact in our children. As a founder and president of BIORAY, she created BIORAY kids products, to address this pervasive issue and help parents to have happy, healthy, and strong children. Follow BIORAY at @BIORAYinc or visit www.bioray.com. 

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