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  • November 11, 2015
  • Generation Rescue
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Meet Our November Guest Editor: Ashton Dugger of Master Supplements Inc.

We are so excited to welcome a dear friend in the autism community, you may recognize her as the face of Master Supplements Inc (our trusted probiotic partner for the Rescue Family Grant Program) at the one of the many fantastic autism conferences year-round (including the Autism Education Summit). Please welcome Ashton Duggar!

Ashton will be working with Dr. Emily Guitierrez to curate content just for our GR community on the benefits of probiotics and how to find the right one(s) for your family!


Get to Know Ashton: 

I can’t start my day without: Quiet time and coffee.

When I travel, I always make sure to pack: Emergency snacks and a good book. Delays are real people—and tough.

My fall wellness weapon is: Probiotics + Vitamin D3 + Fresh JUICE

I believe the key to your child’s success is: YOU. A Healthy, Happy, and Whole You! Put your mask on first.

My first piece of advice to you is: Be kind to yourself—You are doing a good job! Your child is lucky to have you in their corner! And you are NOT alone—find your tribe and soar!


More About Ashton: 

Ashton Dugger is, among other things, the Non-Profit Educator for Master Supplements Inc.—but that is just a title! Ashton’s background includes a BA in Psychology and a minor in medical sociology from University of Alabama at Birmingham. She spent four years in full time ministry with Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Al as the founder and coordinator of their special needs ministry Highlands Haven. These years were some of the sweetest and dearest to her as she grew in her knowledge and understanding of families that are affected by a disability and how to meet them where they are to bring hope and life.

During her time with Master Supplements she has focused her efforts in the professional education and sales side of the company, while now devoting part of her time to the relationships that Master Supplements has with non-profit groups around the country. This is what fuels everything Ashton does, knowing that she can leverage her influence and resources to benefit and help the people that are in need.

Ashton is the oldest of six children and was born and raised in the South. After 10 years of challenges with mainstream medicine, her own personal health journey pushed her to seek alternative and functional medical options to find recovery from an autoimmune condition in her early/mid 20’s. She lives by the mindset that we are better together and in community we can find Hope and Solutions for our health challenges and change the world.

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