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  • October 2, 2015
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Meet Our October Guest Editor: Lisa Fraser

If you were at the Autism Education Summit this past weekend, you’ll know the Snug Vest was a total hit! We are very excited to share that Snug Vest founder, Lisa Fraser, is one of our October Guest Editors and will be curating content for Generation Rescue this month!


Get to Know Lisa: 

I cant start my day without:

A plan. I need to glance at my schedule to organize my thoughts – who I am meeting, when, and where? This always dictates what I wear and mentally prepares me for the day! Then I look in the mirror and send myself love.


When I travel, I always make sure to pack:


My sleep mask, u-shape pillow, fuzzy slippers, and ear-buds. I want to be comfortable when I need refuge and rest during airport layovers and on the plane.


My fall wellness weapon is:


My vitamin D3 drops! As sunshine diminishes, I need some D. Also, I love reaping the local organic fall harvest to boost the immune system: apples, pumpkins, squash, kale, etc, and cooking hearty soups and stews! As colder weather approaches along with cold season, I take a drop of oregano oil in water the moment I feel something starting.


I believe the key to your childs success is:
To be tenaciously trying different therapies and treatments with them and seeing what works and what doesn’t. Take time to truly celebrate the small wins and stay hopeful.


My first piece of advice to you is:


Be gentle with yourself.


BONUS: If you were at the Autism Education Summit and would like to order your very own Snug Vest, use code AES2015 at snugvest.com to save $40!

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