• February 21, 2012
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Mommy Tummy: One Determined Mother’s Journey to Beat It!

Okay so I am on a quest, actually I’ve been on this quest for a while and now am determined to actually make it. I have been fortunate enough to start taking care of myself in the past year and by doing so have made a HUGE difference in my life. As a mom of a child with autism, the past 7 years (since he was born) has been devoted to nothing but being a great mommy. When he was diagnosed with autism at 3 ½, my mommy commitment kicked in even more. I already had a full-time job and the inevitable mommy guilt, that comes along, however, the diagnosis consumed me. Needless to say and like most autism mommies, my attention to myself was the last on the list.  I guess the only thing that kept me being able to be seen out in public was the fact that my job required me to be up to date on-trend professional.  Also as an autism parent, we spend all of our finances on biomed, however, our health? Well, lets just say I haven’t been to my own physician probably since my son was born, lol.

So, last year I had an amazing opportunity for a career change and with it came the ability to get healthy. Enter working out everyday and going GFCF, great things started to happen. I actually was wearing bikinis again and proud of it.  One thing kept holding me back, my mommy tummy. It didn’t matter that I was taking Bikram yoga classes everyday, running my a** off at Bootcamp, Pilates, every ab-core, hard core workout you can think of, the tummy should be long gone, right? I juice fasted for days, no sugar, no carbs, no eating at all, even cut out my beloved and an autism mommy’s secret weapon….coffee, yet still no six-pack. So I am going on a quest, a smart quest, a quest under Dr. Bo Wagner’s care, a certified and extremely knowledgeable nutritionist, to lose the mommy tummy the right way. No crazy fad diet, no crazy trends (did I forget to mention that I even tried one of those thermo-wraps?) I will detail out what I’m doing and how I’m doing and will try to censor the *@#&!!!! that will be an honest account of how to do this the healthy and correct way. Stay tuned….

With love,

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