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My AutismOne/Generation Rescue Experience

Conventions relating to autism have the tendency to leave lasting impressions on the guests, speakers and exhibitors that attend them, but the AutismOne 2011 conference, held just outside Chicago, truly lived up to its name as the largest and most versatile of its kind. The five day event, held from May 25 to 29, boasted over 150 presentations from the most highly regarded experts in the field. On a regular basis, parents of children with autism living in the surrounding region struggle with long waiting lists from professional treatment providers and costly premiums from insurance agencies.  However, they were delighted to know that registration for this year’s AutismOne was absolutely free. The conference’s theme, dubbed “Autism Recovery on a Budget: Empowering Parents”, was made possible thanks to proceeds from OxyHealth Portable Hyperbarics, one of the several sponsors of the event.

On top of the live sessions of therapeutic pressurized chambers provided by Oxyhealth, the exhibition floor was filled with the latest information, services and innovations from the world’s most respected and recognized organizations, support groups and supplement manufacturers. Among these was the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD), featuring their new SKILLS Program for parents & teachers.  Visitors that passed by were informed about the many therapy services provided by CARD from its 21 office locations in addition to the revolutionary online autism treatment solution, Skills™.  Live demonstrations of the web-based program were presented via a high definition touch-screen monitor. Its comprehensive assessment and curriculum tools combined with its user-friendly interface impressed hundreds of spectators, including the press.

Generation Rescue, hosted a “Care for the Caregivers” lounge, which provided free samples of gluten-free meals, natural cosmetics, and massage sessions. On Saturday, May 28 at 11:15 a.m., the hotel’s grand ballroom was fully occupied with supportive parents and patrons as they listened to keynote speakers Jenny McCarthy and Byron Katie during the keynote presentation, “What Love Is.” Both McCarthy and Katie shared their knowledge on how people can end needless suffering through a simple yet profound method of self-inquiry called “The Work.”

CARD Founder and Executive Director Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh and board certified family practitioner Dr. Anju Usman hosted a lecture of equal importance on the same day, titled “Prevention & Raising Healthy Kids in a Toxic World.” They detailed the dangers of everyday environmental hazards that are often taken for granted, their possible links to autism, and how parents can protect their children from them.

The true success of this conference not only came from the large turnout of families, seasoned experts and dedicated sponsors, but also from the vast variety of options for effective treatment, services and products. Awareness of the escalating disorder is now at an all time high and it’s thanks in part to AutismOne and Generation Rescue. This year, attending families learned that they have plenty of effective and affordable options available to keep their children on the road to recovery while facing the waiting lists.

Catch up on the recap of the AutismOne 2011 conference by visiting www.autismone.org.

To learn more about treatment services from the Center for Autism and Related Disorders, go to www.centerforautism.com. And learn why Skills is the only effective online treatment program of its kind? Visit www.skillsforautism.com.

Joe Mohs is a determined and creative individual whose life can be defined as a success story. Having recovered from severe autism at the age of four, he is now the founder and co-owner of Living Proof, an inspirational web organization dedicated to addressing that recovery from autism is possible, as well as any personal or family crisis. Joe has spoken publicly about his life before and after autism at a number of venues across his home state, Minnesota, as well as California.

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