NeuroNeeds Announces Exclusive Partnership with Generation Rescue

We are very excited to announce our new partnership with NeuroNeeds in our continuation to help families affected by autism.

We LOVE NeuroNeeds’s nutritional supplement, SpectrumNeeds, and we know you’ll love too! Not only is it designed by some of our favorite autism docs, but it’s designed with your child’s unique needs in mind. To prove how much they care about the autism community, NeuroNeeds is offering a special discount to GR families when using the code: GenRes2018

SpectrumNeeds is a new powder-mix supplement containing 33 vitamins, minerals, and activated cofactors used to optimize the nutritional status of children and adults with autism spectrum and other neurodevelopmental disorders (including ADD/ADHD), stimulating specific biological pathways in order to promote health. The supplement is free of gluten, casein/milk, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, egg, fish and shellfish.

In essence, SpectrumNeeds is the fusion of a high-powered comprehensive mitochondrial cocktail, neuroprotective nutrients commonly recommended by progressive physicians, and a broad-based nutritional supplement.

The product was designed by Dr Richard Boles, in collaboration with many physicians and scientists, including Dr. Richard Frye, Dr. Dan Rossignol, Dr. Michael Elice, and several other prominent physicians, using the latest in medical and scientific research, the findings of recent genetic testing, and in listening to families and physicians across the continent regarding what they found helpful in unlocking the mind in children and adults with neurodevelopmental conditions.

Many studies support the use of nutrition as a treatment in ASD, including a study conducted by Dr. Adams et al, which concluded that oral vitamin/mineral supplementation is beneficial in improving the nutritional and metabolic status of children with autism resulting in better focus, language skills, cognition, sleep, tantruming, eye contact, play, sociability, etc.

With the NeuroNeeds partnership, you can purchase a container of SpectrumNeeds at, with the discount code GenRes2018, and you will receive $5 off of shipping, and Generation Rescue will receive a modest donation for each unit sold.

NeuroNeeds is committed to improving the lives of children and adults who are living with neurological disorders. Their team of physician-scientists employ the latest techniques in science-based research and clinical practice to offer a holistic approach for safe and effective nutritional-based treatments.

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