• April 22, 2014
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Now My Son Can Finally Get Some Healing Sleep

Recently, we hosted a giveaway on our Facebook page, in conjunction with IntelliBED. We offered a free crib or child-sized mattress to one lucky family for sharing our latest infographic about non-toxic mattresses and liking IntelliBED on Facebook. 


We then randomly selected on lucky winner: Heather Chenault. Heather shared her story with us and IntelliBED, explaining how her family had been saving up to purchase a non-toxic mattress when she decided to enter our giveaway. 


I could not be more excited about winning this bed for my 5 year old son. He has severe autism and very extreme chemical sensitivities. We are a single income family as I had to leave the workforce to care for my son. My husband & I have been saving for so long for a mattress for him that would not add to the very high toxin overload that he has. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Just recently we heard back from Heather, shortly after she received her son’s new intelliBED. 


This is Heather’s Story: 


Dear Generation Rescue and IntelliBED,

There are no words to describe how thankful our family is to win this amazing IntelliBED. The bed is for our son, Christian, who just turned six years old. He has severe Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, PANDAS, and FPIES (Food Protein Intolerance Entercolitis Syndrome.) He has heavy metal toxicity and very extreme chemical sensitivities. His body does not filter out toxins well at all, yet. 


Before our once very typical and healthy son became sick with signs and symptoms of Autism at about fifteen months old, my husband and I knew of toxins, but had no idea how prevalent they were in things that were made for kids. We didn’t yet realize that flame retardants were in most of our toddlers pajamas and mattresses specifically made for kids. We were new parents, who incorrectly assumed that things that were made and approved for babies and toddlers were safe. We didn’t yet realize how easily all of these chemicals just soak into your child’s skin and also off-gas fumes that your children breathe in. My son ALWAYS got bumps on his skin when he wore certain pajamas and always scratched after waking up. After taking him to his pediatrician several times for this, we were told that he just had eczema and we were given a few different prescription creams that never worked. 


Much later, we realized that when he wore certain pajamas or slept with us on our newer regular mattress that he would not sleep very well at all. He tossed and turned and would be fussy throughout the night. Sure enough, those specific pajamas were coated with flame retardants and our newer mattress that we slept on was full of them too. With the help of some of his grandparents, we were able to get him an organic toddler mattress and we tossed all of his pajamas with flame retardants and bought only cotton pajamas from then on. Like magic, all the bumps went away. 


That toddler mattress that we bought him, he is still sleeping on, but he only has about a foot left of room before he will no longer fit in it lengthwise. We bought him a used twin headboard and bed frame for Christmas, and new sheets, but we were still trying to save money up to buy him an organic twin mattress. It was unfortunately completely out of our price range. We are like so many other Autism families that struggle on one income and stay under a financial hardship just to pay for monthly supplements and doctor’s appointments. Because our doctor is out of state, our insurance will not cover any lab work, compounded prescriptions, doctor visits, basically everything that we need. We have also been saving to move our little family out of a very toxic area. We live near a railroad track crossing, where trains will park for hours at a time and plume up exhaust. We have a highway that runs in front of our home and a major freeway that runs behind our home. We now have a cement factory just down the street on both sides of our home and an asphalt company as well. A lovely new cell phone tower is just across the street. We have found that it is near impossible for single income families with high medical costs to be approved for home loans anymore. 


We have been longtime supporters and believers in Generation Rescue and have found much needed help in Jenny McCarthy’s books and her Teach 2 Talk videos. We were beyond excited to see the contest for a new IntelliBED on the Generation Rescue Facebook page. I prayed really hard about it and entered the contest. We had been trying for so long to find a way to fill Christian’s empty bed frame. When I received a Facebook message from Generation Rescue congratulating us for winning the mattress, I literally cried massive tears of joy and disbelief. My husband was in complete shock as well. Zack from Generation Rescue contacted us and has been so nice and amazing to our family. Nicole from IntelliBED also called me and was beyond amazing. She felt like a lifelong friend. She was kind enough to send Christian not only the mattress, but the box springs, a pillow and mattress protector as well. This is such an amazing blessing that could not have come at a more needed time.


Our family could not be more thankful and appreciative to Generation Rescue and IntelliBED for helping us with a big step on the journey to wellness for our son who means the world to us. The bed is so incredibly  comfortable and has absolutely no smell to it at all. Please know that all of the hard work that you do to help families like ours, does not go unnoticed. You have taken away so much stress and pressure off us by providing our son with a new bed that is not going to add to his toxin overload, but will help him rest and finally get some healing sleep.



Heather Chenault





Learn more about the importance of a non-toxic mattress for kids with autism. 


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