• December 12, 2012
  • Generation Rescue
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Omniio Supports Generation Rescue

Omniio greeting cards, coined O! CardsTM, each include collectible fabric keepsakes, adorning the words from the card. The colorful keepsakes and beautiful sentiments are meant to be re!ected on long after the life of the card, continuing to uplift the recipient in times of need. Carry them in a purse, a glove compartment, or keep them in a desk, backpack, locker… virtually anywhere!


Autism O! CardsTM are a perfect opportunity to give birthday cards, thank you cards and love cards, as well as, everyday encouragement cards for friends and family members affected by Autism. This collection will be continually expanded upon.


Omniio has a signi#cant commitment to the community in which we live and support the concept of corporate responsibility so that all members of our extended community can share in the value we strive to bring to their lives. When we were approached by Ryan Johnston, to collaborate with Generation Rescue and create this unique collection, we were immediately on-board! There is such a vast need for this type of greeting card in the industry.


In furthering opportunities of support, we welcome submissions of artistry, poetry & photography, for licensing consideration. Please visit our website – Omniio.com. 

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