• November 1, 2016
  • Generation Rescue
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Our Favorite Halloween Costumes of 2016 from These Autism Rockstars!

Halloween may be over, but we’re still buzzing over these adorable Halloween costumes submitted by you!


Your votes are in! And the winner is… Cameron as an Old School Rapper! Congrats!



Free-range, organic egg and nitrite-free bacon? Yes, please!


This Homemade DIY Costume is too good!


A traveling tourbus!


Who you gonna call? Ghost Busters!


A spooky contender!



Go, Thomas, Go!


It’s Mr. Potato Head!



There’s nothing spooky about this little monster


Here to save the day!


This one is just adorable to the bone!


Superhero Rockstars: 

He’ll knock you to a galaxy far, far away!


Don’t mess with this little guy!



He may look innocent, but he’s got a few eight legged friends you don’t want to mess with.


Don’t be fooled by his charm. He’s a contender!



This Power Ranger’s ready!



Light speed ahead!


Super girl here, at your assistance!


Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman!


Spidey on the loose!


Read to put out the fire!



Awesome Tag-Team Costumes

Like Father, Like Son!


Ready for battle!


These two put on a show like no other!


Best of buds!


Brothers in action!


Smiles… from the Happiest Place on Earth!


Bee careful, Harry Potter and his pal are no duo to mess with!

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