• November 10, 2011
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Our Speech Therapist Was Amazed by Braden’s Progress

Ballwin, MO. Today my son received speech therapy at a local university and they were amazed at his progress in just a week.


My son is normally extremely hyper and very hard to control. He took turns, followed two step commands, and was very calm. He made eye contact, had less sensory seeking behaviors and was very cooperative. The instructor of the two girls working with him asked what has changed.


At daycare this week the teacher told me he is trying to socialize with the other kids now and before he would notice them but would never engage in any activity with them. At home he is responding to directions when asked, yet sometimes he doesn’t want to do what he is told and screams with the word “ah” but he is showing some amazing progress.

April, Mom to Braeden

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