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  • June 29, 2015
  • Generation Rescue
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“Parker has exploded with new words!”

“Parker has exploded with new words, and sounds. He asks for more of things by name (mainly snacks) linking a few words together. He was all but non verbal prior, with just three words or so. Yesterday, when his EI Speech therapist was over she was working on getting him to follow simple directions (touch head, nose, clap hands) as his motor planning hinders him greatly. He was actually able to follow direction, and change it up (he would normally just repeat the last direction given when she would change it up) this is also big for him, but the favorite of the day was when she pretended to sleep, and he actually went up to her , touched her arm & said her name!!! We were both in tears! He also pretended to sleep, and even made the snoring sounds that she was! So cute!! He also has started to play with more purpose, and even doing more pretend play. Like bringing fake food for people to eat, and then he would pretend to eat too! This one is also a huge accomplishment, because he needed a lot of facilitation from others to play with things, hardly ever attempting on his own. He would just stim, and shake toys in front of his face. He also has started to count!! He can point to things, and count to three!! I could not be happier!! His therapists are floored, and I encourage them to spread the word about Biomed, and diet, to help their other families. Once I get his gut issues under control, and the stimming is under control more, I think there will be no stopping him!! I’m over the moon happy!! Thank you so, so much Generation rescue!!”

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