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  • January 19, 2016
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Play to Grow: A Guide for Parents with Children on the Autism Spectrum

Many parents have expressed to me that their life has become overwhelmed by IEP’s, skill acquisition checklists and the management of therapies, treatments, and special diets…sound familiar? What often happens is that parents often find themselves more in the role of a project manager than a parent, and as a result, forget how to play with their child and delight in being together. Nurturing the relationship between parent and child is not only essential to your child’s development but it is the very thing that gives you the fuel you need to have stamina on your journey.

However, having fun and playing with your child does not mean you need to give up on the goals you so desperately want to see your child develop. This is exactly why I have written “Play to Grow! Over 200 Games to Help Your Child on the Autism Spectrum Develop Fundamental Social Skills”.

It is my mission to give you games that are both designed in a targeted way to focus on social skill development (specifically; eye contact, communication, interactive attention span and flexibility) and nurture the parent/child relationship at the same time.

The specific skill addressed in each game is essential, but is not as important as the fact that you and your child are playing a game together. The most powerful results can stem from your child simply having fun and exciting interactions with you.

The interaction itself will create an experience, and it is this experience, the joy and delight in being together, that will bring your child back for more. So above all else, make your play fun. Use your play to create a deep and meaningful connection with your child, because ultimately, there is no skill more important than your child’s desire and ability to connect with another person. Achieving this close connection will open many doors, and it is from this desire that all other skills will grow.

I am very excited to be releasing the second edition of “Play to Grow!” (With foreword by Jenny McCarthy). “Play to Grow!”, was voted as a top 5 resource by the Special Needs Book Review, is now sold in 4 languages and has proven to be a valuable resource to families worldwide.


What will you get in the new edition of “Play to Grow!”?

  • 235 purposefully designed games. The games are divided into 5 stages of development and are based on the most common motivations and focus on skill development within the areas of eye contact, communication, attention span and flexibility. This way you can have fun with your child, deepen your relationship and inspire growth all at the same time!
  • Sick and tired of pulling teeth with your child? Skill acquisition does not have to be so dreadful! In fact, deep and lasting growth happens when your child is most motivated- that’s what this book is all about. Learn how to light up your child so that REAL learning can occur.
  • A guide for you AND YOUR team. A rich and clear guide so you and YOUR team can know what to play with your child and how to play it. Your child will have so much fun he won’t even realize that he’s gaining skills along the way (shhhh…don’t tell him)!
  • Not sure how to help your child play with peers? In my chapter on facilitating play dates, I give you a clear system on how to create and facilitate social skills with peers. I answer all of your questions like who? how? where? (page 105)
  • What about gross and fine motor skills? Got that covered. Take a look at my gross motor and fine motor games for some really fun ways to get your kid jumping, clapping, catching and more - “Oh No! The Queen’s Jewels!” is one of my favorites. ( page 143)
  •  Learn 6 steps for boosting your child’s social skills. (Appendix A: p.158)
  • Gain the tools to put an end to challenging behaviors: hitting, biting, throwing and more. (Appendix A: p.163)
  • Discover 6 strategies to help your child move through anxiety: (Step 3 and 4 are especially big game changers). (Appendix A: p.168)
  • Discover the importance of self- care and learn 7 steps to a more rejuvenated you. (Appendix B: page 186)

To learn more and get your copy of the new edition, CLICK HERE.

Wishing you a new year of unprecedented growth for you and your child!


About the Author:

Tali Berman is an autism specialist, author, and developmental play expert and has worked with hundreds of children from over 30 different countries since 1997. She authored the book, “Play to Grow! Over 200 games to help your child on the autism spectrum develop fundamental social skills” with a foreword by Jenny McCarthy. “Play To Grow” was voted as one of the top 5 books by the Special Needs Book Review, is now sold in 4 languages and has proven to be an invaluable resource for families worldwide.

Tali is also the founder/leader of the annual “Autism Empowerment Telesummit” where she has gathered top autism experts on her elite panel (including Temple Grandin,Jenny McCarthy and Donna Gates), reaching thousands of families around the globe and has contributed regularly to some of the most well-read autism publications, including the Generation Rescue blog and The Autism File magazine.

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