• May 21, 2013
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Reflections on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day holds so many meanings for people. It’s a chance for us to honor and dote on our mothers, and for many of us, it’s a chance for our kids to take a moment and really show us their love. My boys adore when there is a special holiday such as Mother’s Day. Their school makes a big deal about it and they always take time out of the instructional hours to create something special to give to their moms. I know this means so much to my little guys. It makes them feel like they have really put themselves into a gift for me. That is always so meaningful, and I cherish the fruits of their labors, or at least of their crayons. 

This Mother’s Day is very special for me. My three sons are doing so well and developing so fully that I almost can’t believe I have the same life I had just a year ago. This time last year I was gearing up for AutismOne and Matthew had an ATEC (Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist) of 36. He was doing fairly well, but was certainly not recovered. Within one year his ATEC has dropped to a 1. It is unbelievable. I still won’t say he is recovered because there are some items or issues that the ATEC does not take into account, but in general he looks like every other kid on the street. And his ATEC proves we are making serious progress. 

As a warrior mom I look back on my own upbringing and realize that that warrior foundation was laid by my parents, even if I had no idea it was there. My mother was a warrior mom in her own right. Not that I had any serious illness, but my mother fought every day for her family. She taught me what it means to put family first, to stand up and be the woman, the MOTHER, I need to be. Without her strength in difficult times, without her resolve to always do the right thing, without her stubbornness, and most importantly without her LOVE, I would not have learned what it meant to be a warrior mother and Matthew might have been left with a parent that felt things were “good enough”. But I did see those traits in my mother, and so I learned them too. This Mother’s Day I honor my mom not only for being a good and loving mother, but for being a role model, a road map, to strength I never knew I had. It is a quiet strength that boils up when necessary and escapes me like a geyser; like the same geyser I’ve witnessed in my mother – so sure in her beliefs. 

So this Mother’s Day remember to honor those important traits your mother gave you, and even more importantly remember to honor them in yourself. Autism recovery takes a huge toll on you; make sure your nurture your warrior heart and the woman that gave it to you! Happy Mother’s Day.   

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