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Smart Food Choices – Step 4 of “The Wagner Way to Wellness”

In this article I am going to address Smart Food Choices according to your personal body and blood type and the next blog post will cover Smart Food Combining.


Gluten and Casein/Dairy Free

In the last few years it has been well established that proper supplementation and eating Gluten and Casein/Dairy free is very beneficial for anyone with ASD. I firmly believe that everyone of all ages should be completely Gluten and Casein/Dairy free. At my clinic I have taught eating wheat and dairy free for 4 decades and gluten free for the last 18 years with great success. Over the years, I have witnessed tremendous improvement with my personal health as well as all of my clients by implementing this rule into our diet.  There is no doubt in my mind or the beliefs my many clients that eating gluten and casein/dairy free is one of the most important keys to eating correctly, helping us to achieve overall optimum wellness.



New Keys to Healthy Eating

Now that this important key has been established, Jenny & I feel it is time to take it a step further and introduce other equally important keys to eating correctly for the entire family. Jenny has asked me to explain the way she & I eat regarding the consumption of the proper foods for our personal body & blood type and combining these foods properly. You can be eating gluten & casein/dairy free all day long but if you are not consuming the right foods for your personal type and are not combining these foods correctly, you are still going to have health issues and not achieve your best possible health. If either one of these food points are missing you will not totally succeed, but if you introduce this proper way of eating to your diet you will notice a huge improvement very quickly.



Include or Exclude

Right is right and wrong is wrong. There is no gray area. Each type of food and food combination is either good for you or not good for you. If a food or combination is not good for you it is not good 24/7, and we are talking about real food not junk food. A banana, orange, potato or chicken for example could be beneficial for you or could actually be an irritant to you. So don’t get hung up on what you can’t have -let’s look at what you can have.  Your “good food” group will enhance you and your “not good food” group will not. You crave what you consume, so you think your body needs that particular food but actually it is just a food addiction. You get a rush then it drops you, and then you run back to that high. But out of sight out of mind. Set that poor food selection aside and start eating your good foods and you will start craving the good and forget about the poor. Everyone will cheat, but ideally you minimize your cheats and work towards being your best at all times.

We are all creatures of habit and at first eating correctly may be a little tricky because we are so use to eating a certain way. But just like learning a new dance routine or a new recipe, at first you may make mistakes but you will learn from these mistakes. Once you have mastered this new way of eating, it will become your new habit and you will have such noticeable health improvements that this new diet plan will become your preferred and favorite way of eating.



Blood Type Food choices

Body Type and blood type identify the unique way in which each of us thrives and grows by identifying those foods, condiments and beverages which are good for us, and which can be easily digested, as well as those that can’t. There are 4 unique individual blood types: “O,” “A,” “B,” and “AB.” Each has a different chemical makeup. By your blood type we know what acids your body produces and what acids you do not produce. What foods you can process and digest and which ones you can’t. Foods have different properties such as molds, lectins, ashes, glues and others that either work well with your blood type or don’t. There is evidence that consuming the wrong foods for your blood type may be the contributing factor to many of our health issues.



Different List

Currently there are a number of blood type diet books accessible in the market place. My approach and inventory of foods are similar but also quite different. I feel there is other pertinent information about food and its digestion that also needs to be included in order to arrive at an accurate and healthy food list conclusion. Leaving out this additional important information can cause other unhealthy issues to manifest, which need to be avoided to achieve ones ultimate health. The slate of foods in my 5 different guides (O, A, B, AB and “ALL”, my family guide for healthy choices for everyone) are the only directories that take into consideration all these other crucial facts, providing you with the most complete, contemporary and healthful catalogue of blood type foods available. The following charts include the main points to use as a guide for eating the correct foods for your body and blood type. Use these guides in planning your meals and food choices.

Type O’s:
  • Primarily a Protein Eater (Due to High Levels of Stomach Acids)
  • Eat Red Meat Sparingly due to Excessive Uric Acid Content (No more than once every 2 weeks)
  • Avoid Pig Products
  • Poultry is a good source of Protein
  • Benefits Highly from Seaweed and Seafood (Including Shellfish)
  • Eggs are a Mediocre Source of Protein
  • Wheat and Gluten Intolerant
  • Fruits and Vegetables Help Balance and Reduce Body Acidity
  • Avoid White, Yellow & Red Potatoes and Corn
  • Sweet Potatoes, Yams and Squash are Good
  • Eat Peppers, Eggplant and Tomatoes (Nightshade Products)
  • Eat Pulses, Nuts and Seeds in Moderation
  • Avoid Dairy and Casein (Inhibits Nutrient Absorption)
  • Hyperactive Immune System
  • Strong Digestive System
  • Responds Well to High-Impact Aerobic Exercises


Type A’s:
  • Avoid Red Meat due to Low Amounts of Stomach Acids
  • Avoid Pig Products
  • Can Tolerate Poultry in Moderation (Consume Eggs Sparingly)
  • Benefits Highly from Seaweed, Select Fish and a Wide Assortment of Nuts & Seeds
  • Avoid Shellfish
  • Non-Gluten Grains are Recommended
  • Wheat and Gluten Intolerant
  • Fruits, Vegetables and Pulses are Vital
  • Avoid Nightshades Products (Potatoes, Tomatoes, Eggplant and all Peppers)
  • Avoid Dairy and Casein (Indigestible)
  • Resilient Immune System
  • Sensitive Digestive System
  • Responds Well to Low-Impact Aerobic Exercises


Type B’s:
  • Has a Greater Variety of Food Choices
  • Eat Red Meat Sparingly (No more than once every 2 weeks)
  • Avoid Pig Products
  • Avoid Chicken, but can Eat Turkey
  • Eggs Help Build Metabolic Efficiency
  • Benefits Highly from Seaweed and Select Fish
  • Avoid Shellfish
  • Wheat and Gluten Intolerant
  • Has a Wider Variety of Nutritious Fruits and Vegetables
  • The Nightshades Potatoes, Eggplant and Peppers are good
  • Avoid Tomatoes and Corn
  • Avoid Most Seeds; Eat Select Nuts and Pulses in Moderation
  • Avoid Dairy and Casein (Incites Negative Insulin Reactions)
  • Sturdy Immune System
  • Very Balanced Digestive System
  • Responds Well to both Mental and Physical Activities


Type AB’s:
  • Biologically Complex; Combination of Types A and B
  • Avoid Chicken and Most Red Meat and Eat Select Nuts Sparingly
  • Can eat Turkey, Lamb, Pheasant and Rabbit
  • Avoid Pig Products
  • Benefits Highly from Eggs, Seaweed and Select Seafood
  • Avoid Shellfish
  • Wheat and Gluten Intolerant
  • Alkaline Fruits are Best, Avoid Tropical Fruits
  • Most Vegetables and Select Pulses are Highly Nutritious
  • The Nightshades Potatoes, Eggplant and Tomatoes are good
  • Avoid Peppers, Corn and Artichokes
  • Tofu and Soy Products are especially Healthful
  • Avoid Dairy and Casein (Highly Mucus-Forming)
  • Receptive Immune System
  • Delicate Digestive System
  • Responds Well to Low-Impact Aerobic Exercises

Your Choice

Your daily choices regarding food selection, food combining, proper nutrition and health can majorly affect your life. If you choose to have your family try this way of eating, I am certain you will notice a big improvement in all areas of health and weight management with renewed energy and vitality. Jenny and I have been eating this way for years and it completely changed our lives. Couple this with the other 3 steps I have previously presented (attitude, exercising and proper hydration) and you will be one step closer to Total Body Wellness. Just try this seriously for a month or two and you will see the difference. You need to attain your own testimony of the validity and certainty of this information.

While Alternative Medicine and Modern Medical schools of thought may differ in their opinions on the validity of blood type diets, both agree that the end results of this type of eating has proven to be safe and effective in increasing overall health.


By following the principles of both smart food choices and smart food combining (to be covered in my next blog post), you should notice a reduction in gas, indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, allergies, sinus problems, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, fatigue, mood swings, insomnia, weight gain and food intolerances. In addition, you should be rewarded with better health, increased energy, a trim body, improved sleep and an overall state of well-being and vitality.

Eat Smart Eat Simple

If you desire to learn more in depth information regarding proper food choices, correct digestion, good nutrition and positive suggestions for achieving total body wellness, consider reading my new book Eat Smart Eat Simple (https://www.createspace.com/3715533), a comprehensive but simplified book, that provides the steps, charts and facts you need to have to properly eat for optimal health. It includes simple, practical tips and informative guidelines to help everyone be aware of their choices and correctly consume the best foods for them including blood typing info, in depth explanation on smart food combining, smart pH balancing, smart food portions, why to choose to be gluten and casein/dairy free, gluten free food charts and helpful gluten free websites.

Guide to Smart Food Choices

If you also desire an up to date complete list of all foods for all blood types with all information considered, follow my “Guide to Smart Food Choices™” with Smart Food Combining guides and charts  (currently available at 877-910-DRBO (3726) and available soon on the web).

Dr. Bo Wagner holds a Doctor of Natural Medicine, a Ph.D. & Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition, is Board Certified in Integrative Medicine and  a Dean of Internal Wellness & Professor of Functional Medicine at the University of Natural Medicine. Visit: www.drbo.com for more information and resources, and connect with Dr. Bo on Facebook and Twitter.


*These statements in this blog have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your physician if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition before beginning supplementation. Information contained in this bulletin is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician.

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