• March 5, 2013
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St. Patrick’s Day Ideas that are Gluten Free and Casein Free

Hi friends, Dorangela here from Two Prince Bakery Theater. Today I want to share with you some fun St. Patrick’s Day ideas that are gluten free and casein free! Let’s start with a fun treat that you and everyone else in your life will love! Cake Pops! They are so popular right now they are everywhere! Why shouldn’t you enjoy some just because you are gluten and casein free, right?

Ingredients: chocolate cake, frosting, lollipop sticks, wax paper, Enjoy Life Foods chocolate chips, gluten free gold sprinkles, cupcake liners.

1. Begin with your favorite gluten free chocolate cake recipe or gluten free boxed cake mix and bake per instructions. Let cool.

2. Make your favorite frosting from scratch using organic powdered sugar, vanilla, and spectrum shortening (2 cups powdered sugar, 1 tspn vanilla, 2 tablespoon organic cocoa powder, 3 tablespoon spectrum shortening, mix with mixer until smooth). Or store bought gluten free vegan frosting.

3. Next in a mixing bowl take your cake and break it up into pieces, add frosting gradually and combine until you get a consistency where you can form the cake and frosting into a ball) for further instructions click here to see Bakerella.

4. place formed balls on parchment paper and then stick in refrigerator for several hours to chill.

5. Once pops are chilled take your gluten free vegan Enjoy Life Chocolate chips and melt them at 50% power in the microwave in 30 second increments until melted. 

6. Dip your lollipop stick tip into the chocolate then stick it into the chocolate ball about half way to the chocolate ball. Once you’ve completed them all place back in fridge so the stick will set.

7. Now take each cake pop and dip it into the chocolate place each ball stick up on parchment paper and sprinkle the top with the gold sprinkles. Let set until it hardens. 

Now who wouldn’t love these?

Next I have a fun DIY craft you or the kids can enjoy!

How fun, St. Patrick’s day necklace made out of a simple black and white striped grosgrain ribbon and white and green gumballs! 


Pre-drill holes into each end of the gumballs (I used an electric drill and a medium size drill bit so the hole is wide enough for you to feed the ribbon).

Cut your ribbon long enough to tie the ribbon at the end and still have the ribbon hang as long as you would like.

Once you have pre-drilled all the gumballs your children can help bead the ribbon through. I used bamboo kabob sticks to push the ribbon through and I used 9 gumballs alternating the green and white, per necklace! How adorable and simple, you can make one for you and one for your sweet little ones!

I hope you enjoyed these fun St. Patrick’s Day Ideas that are gluten free and vegan! Come visit me at Two Prince Bakery Theater to continue the fun and check out all of our gluten free treats!

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