• November 28, 2012
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Stay on Track this Holiday Season

Just a reminder to those that need that recommitment to stay the course during the holidays. 


Our twins have been on the biomedical journey thanks to GR since August 2009. The progress has been slow, and so have the gains. BUT they HAVE come!!! We took a trip this past Thanksgiving and just to help show how far my kids have progressed, we have video of Kai standing on a beach towel refusing to set foot on the sand 2 years ago. He was absolutely terrified of the wind, the grainy sand, the crashing waves; it was a sensory nightmare. He would actually try and block the door when we would go to leave, and once we were down there grab my hand and try to get me to take him back.


This year, for the first time.. he enjoyed it. I took a video of him saying “ocean” repeatedly. He is non-verbal so it is hard to tell, but I know what he is saying. This took 5 years to happen. He hated the pool too. This year he said “Hi”  and WAVED to strangers!!!!! He said “Hi” to his grandfather and hugged him. Out of my 3 kids with autism, Kai is the most severely affected. He does not acknowledge anyone, not even relatives, and now he is trying to speak.


I love Generation Rescue so much because they offer hope and information to help your child  improve no matter what level they are at. The journey is long, and I know you are aware it is tough.


Even though I have been at this for over 3 years I am always learning something new. I am always grateful for all of the improvements, big and small. And I don’t have to tell you how important that is for our family. 


In this mad holiday rush, I wish you peace and strength for all of the chaos that lies ahead. Maybe this time we will have a “happy” santa photo although I love the one with them screaming and trying to get off his lap (and this was an autism event!)





Rescue Family Grant Mentor


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