• September 11, 2012
  • Generation Rescue
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The Listening Program – Kid Approved!

“After the very helpful staff at Advanced Brain helped us set up our Listening Program account, we were finally able to sit down and start the program.

I was so sure that the boys would not go for the headphones at all, especially Kai who is extremely sound sensitive. But, I was very happily surprised! My son Riley sat on my lap and listened for the full 15 minutes and never once fidgeted with the headphones, which he has never worn before. Then it was Kai’s turn. Kai lasted the entire 15 min as well and did not want to take them off (it was his first time wearing headphones as well). The girls were excited to start too, Saige even asked to try it out!

We are off to a great start and it is surprisingly easier than I expected. I had wanted to do listening therapy for a couple of years now, so this ended up being perfect.

This morning Kai brought the iPad down, ready to go with the headphones on that he found in our room, so I guess it is safe to say he likes them!”

 - Carolyn














Many children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder are described as having auditory hypersensitivities and other difficulties processing auditory information. Advanced Brain Technologies has created TLP Spectrum™, sound brain fitness for the sensory sensitive listener to help create a healthy relationship with sound. It trains the brain with pleasing evidence-based music, which has been developed to improve sound brain fitness, reduce sensory sensitivities, and help people find comfort in their environment.  This unique program is available via Advanced Brain Technologies TLP Cloud™ the first and only personalized sound brain fitness program that instantly streams high-quality music soundtracks to web connected devices.

The Listening Program is the latest addition to the Rescue Family Grant Program. Each participating family receives a set of headphones and access to the TLP Cloud for 90-days to experience the benefits of the Advanced Brain Technologies listening program.

Learn more about The Listening Program and ABT.

Learn more & apply for the Rescue Family Grant Program

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