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  • February 12, 2016
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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Mom

Valentine’s Day is this weekend! Love it or hate it, it a great day to show those we love that we admire them and that we’re thinking of them.

What better way to show Mom you’re thinking of her than with a bangle that fits her personality? Angelica Collection bangles help Mom express how she feels, what she believes in, and who she is.

We worked with fellow Mommy Warrior Dawn Neufeld to help find the perfect bangles to fit each Mom Type.

For the Sports Mom:
She’s fun and she’s not afraid to rock her jeans and sneakers! She loves Super Bowl just as much as Dad and she’s probably Team Mom for all the kids’ sports leagues. If this Football bangle doesn’t win your way to her heart, I’m sure you’ll find one for here in the Sports collection:

Mom Sports PGEL1044

For the Altruistic Mom:
You know her and you love her (but probably not as much as she loves helping those around her). She’s the Mom on all the committee boards, volunteering her time to organize the local charity gala, rallying donations for her favorite cause. She her some love with a Heart with Wing bangle.

Mom Altru PGEL1474

For the Fun Mom:
She’s young at heart and never one to miss a joke! She’s sassy, she’s smart, and she’s always a hit amongst the kids and their friends. She’s your best friend and your biggest confidant. And that’s why she’ll love this Cheers bangle.

Mom Fun GEL1002

The Fashionista Mom:
She’s fierce, she’s feisty and she never misses a beat. It doesn’t matter whether she’s hanging around the house, going out shopping, or hitting up a night on the town, she always looks fab doing it, which is why this Black Onyx Heart bangle will be perfect for her. And if not, there’s a whole Fashion collection for you to look through to find just the right one! See it here:

Mom Fashion WGEL1522

For the Working Mom:
She goes from home, to office, to lunch meeting, to date night, to snuggle time with the kids. She’s always on the go and always looks dressed to impress. But she can always rock a little flare that shows she cares.

Mom Working Mom GFF1387

For the Autism Mom:
She’s a Warrior Mom that will do anything for her baby. She works tirelessly, researching and reading up on the latest therapy. Her heart is always in the right place. This Autism Awareness bangle will sure touch her heart this Valentine’s Day.

Mom Autism WGEL1209

Help Mom express her inner warrior!

Find an Angelica Collection retailer near you now and get shopping!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Team GR

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