• December 12, 2012
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The Story of GenerationNecks

My name is Jodi Novick and I have twin girls who will be turning 8 in January. When my girls were born early at 35 weeks, it’s was a long and hard road for the first few years. When my girls turned three, life became a little easier but the challenges that I knew we’re coming in the future was going to be a long hard road. I had spent so many hours with my children in OT, PT, and all the other “Therapies” due to “premature” children that my days consisted of sitting in doctor buildings, visiting new therapists, driving all over the valley and the city, trying to keep one girl busy while the other was in a session and vice versa. I got tired of the same thing every day and I felt that I needed to do something different.

Something that would add a little less stress in my life. Something that I could do that would separate my daily life of doctors, carpools and the normal mommy duties.


One day I went to lunch with a friend and she had the most adorable necklace that I feel in love with. I said to her “I have to have that”. She told me I could borrow it anytime.  That wasn’t good enough. So I made it. I literally built a prototype together and made the necklace. I had experienced with different materials and came across a metal man in the valley. We decided to go with Pewter. Each piece in the collection 100% Pewter made in the USA and lead free.


The next day we started business. I started designing and he started making my molds. The next day my Newley Discovered Jewelry line had a whopping 6 pieces. Today, I have over 50 designs. My jewelry is Generational and anyone at any age can wear my pieces, hence the name “GenerationNecks” The Necks Big Thing to Gossip About !


This extra job put my mind to good use and kept (keeps) me motivated and happy. I am a better person and mom because of it. I also got my children involved in the business as well. They have actually designed one piece each to my line which will be on my website by the End of January. 


I love more than anything, doing for others, and I know my jewelry makes people happy. This makes me happy. The prices are very reasonable. I want people to know they are getting quality at a great price. And an amazing piece of jewelry. You can mix and match words and symbols which makes it fun and unique.



GenerationNecks is a new and exciting line of Pewter Jewelry. Each and every design is truly unique. GenerationNecks new Puzzle Piece is a winner around the world with Families dealing with Autism. GenerationNecks donates a percentage of the profits to Generation Rescue with each Puzzle Piece sold. GenerationNecks wants to increase Autism Awareness, early intervention and appropriate treatment.


Check out www.GenerationNecks.com for fun and new exciting pieces of jewelry.


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