• June 3, 2014
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“There Really Is Hope”

Yesterday was the first day Kyla didn’t cry when I dropped her off at school. This morning was the first time she didn’t have a tantrum getting ready. Today when I dropped her off at school, her teacher told me that she was interacting and playing with the kids. This is a FIRST! We never had play dates because she wouldn’t play with kids at all. But she said Kyla was playing and saying, “run (other child’s name)!” I broke down in tears, but they were happy tears. I’m very hopeful now and never expected her to do these things. I’ve been so tired and have felt like a shell of a person, just going through the motions AND last night she slept in her own room. We’ve been here for almost a year and she would only sleep with me or in her big sister’s room. There really is hope. :)


She smiled yesterday when I told her to smile. And now it’s a real smile! She’s not just showing her teeth and saying cheese.


- Anita, mom to Kyla, age 6



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