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  • October 9, 2015
  • Generation Rescue
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“This grant has been our ray of hope”

The Generation Rescue Family Grant Program has been an amazing experience and instrumental step in the recovery process for my twin girls. Although they are twins and share the diagnosis of ASD, their issues couldn’t be more different. 

Before the grant, Zoey had major gut inflammation and brain fog/cognitive issues. With the implementation of the GFCF diet and the supplements provided through the GR grant, Zoey has made vast improvements in so many areas. Her eye contact is amazing, she has come out of the fog, now wanting to participate in activities instead of isolating herself. She is now a social butterfly, extremely affectionate, seeking the attention of others. We have had tremendous improvement in cognitive development. Zoey is saying more word approximations, imitating actions and sounds. Zoey is aware and present like never before. She is finally engaged and we are making progress in development skills.

Before the grant, Maddy was ruled by anxiety, self-injury and tantrums. She would not follow directions and was easily upset. With the implementation of the GFCF diet and the supplements provided through the GR grant, Maddy has absolutely flourished. She is calm and focused when engaging in activities. She has excelled in cognitive ability and her comprehension has drastically. Her teachers have commented that “she is a totally different child”, and she is excelling in school. Her sleep has improved and most of all her head banging has totally diminished. Verbally, she is making huge strides with more word approximations and imitation.

The grant has also brought us answers, through the medical treatment provided. I finally have directed guidance and the key to healing my girls.

We absolutely love the Enzymedica and BIORAY products provided through this grant.
The Enzymedica Digest Spectrum helped digestion so much for both of my girls. Bloating, reflux and irregularities have totally improved since the start of this product. My girls are now trying new foods as well because their guts are healing. I will continue to use it for my whole family after the grant.

BIORAY Liver Life is amazing, and I think a huge factor in providing adrenal/liver support. I especially contribute both of my girls’ improvements to Liver Life as adrenals play such an important role in mood. We will also continue Liver Life especially through the detoxification process providing key liver support. I also want to look into other BIORAY Products ( like BIORAY Kids, tell Stephanie Ray, Maddy and Zoey will be the poster children for her awesome products ☺).

As a single mother of twin girls diagnosed with ASD, the financial burdens are tremendous. This grant has been our ray of hope, providing us with the medical treatment and support necessary to help my children. There is no other feeling worse than not being able to help your children, especially when it’s just outside your reach. Thank you to this amazing organization for making the road to recovery accessible for my family. We love you all!

Thanks so much!

Warmest regards,

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