• July 6, 2014
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This Week In Autism News 19

This week’s edition of the news (as usual) includes overviews of the most recently published scientific studies and a number of feature articles highlighting everything from autism around the globe to overcoming the econonomic burdens faced by families with autistic children. Again, we will try to link to scientific articles if available.


In the meantime, let us know in the comments section what autism news stories you’ve been reading, and we may just feature them in next week’s post! 


Scientific American: Genetic Mutation May Lead to Autism Subtype


The Daily Mail: Living with Autism: Photographer Travels the Globe Meeting Children with the Condition


Autism Daily Newscast: Autism Research: July 4, 2014 Week in Review


Drexel University Autism Institute: First Study Asks Autistic Adults about Real-World Driving Experiences


WebMD: Routine Ultrasounds May Detect Autism in Utero


Time Magazine: Raising an Autistic Child: Coping with the Costs





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