• July 13, 2014
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This Week In Autism News 20

This week’s edition of the news highlights the latest studies and several feature articles devoted to disability and civil rights issues. Again, we will try to link to scientific articles if available.


In the meantime, let us know in the comments section what autism news stories you’ve been reading, and we may just feature them in next week’s post! 


ABC News: Voting Rights Act Complaint Alleges Disabled, Autistic Often Banned from Voting


Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative: Language Grows in Diverse Ways in Children with Autism


Autism Daily Newscast: Autism Research: July 11, 2014 Week in Review


The Washington Post: Five Ways to Help Your Child with Autism Cope with Summer’s Relaxed Schedule


San Francisco Chronicle: Autism + Intense Interests = Careers?


Chicago Daily Herald: How Should Police Handle People with Autism?


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