• July 12, 2012
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Untangling the Knots of Autism

Recently, I finished reading Dr. Martha Herbert’s book “The Autism Revolution.” What I really loved about that book is that Dr. Herbert describes autism as an interconnected web. She discusses how each part of that web can impact the whole web and how treating one portion of autism can help heal seemingly unrelated portions.

I personally like to think of autism not as a web, but as a big mess/knot of necklaces. If you are a woman that has ever worn those tiny, delicate chains and then somehow gotten them tangled together, you know exactly what I’m talking about. To untangle those chains often you have to work to free one chain in particular, at other times you need to loosen several of them at one time, and then go back and forth until they all are free. Each mess is completely different and you have to unknot them differently. Sometimes you need to use certain tools and sometimes you need to work incrementally because the knot is just too great on its own. I think you get the idea.

For years we addressed many of those chains including healing the gut, reducing inflammation, detoxing the body and heavy metal chelation, but we never addressed bacteria, viruses and parasites.   I really don’t know why we didn’t look at these possible problems, but I never brought it up and neither did his doctors. I think we always believed he didn’t harbor those problems.

Then recently we decided it was time to look at them. Matthew hadn’t progressed any, and it seemed like the only chain left untouched. Within one month of addressing bacteria, viruses and parasites Matthew’s ATEC went from a 38 to an 18! These were amazing results. We never thought our son had any of these problems and I’m guessing most of our doctors didn’t either since none of them ever brought them up in conjunction with Matthew’s treatment, although I know they had with other children in their care.

So what I am trying to tell you is to look at all your chains. Know that you may have to let go of one chain to work on another, all for a greater gain. Sometimes a very promising intervention may not work simply because your child’s knot isn’t ready for that protocol just yet. Table it and try later, it may work wonders at some other time. Look back at things you thought were gone, or under control, because they may be problems again, and make sure you are addressing all the problems not just a specific one or two. Some children do get better simply doing one protocol, mine is not one of them. We have to address all the chains in his knot to bring him to the ATEC of 18!

Keep trying and Stay Well!

About the Author

Maryann DellaRocco is the mother behind the blog Matthew’s Puzzle, which chronicles her journey into the world of autism and biomedical interventions. She is married and has three boys, her oldest is on the spectrum. Follow her on Twitter: @matthewspuzzle.

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