• January 26, 2015
  • Generation Rescue
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“We can never thank you enough!”

Through the Rescue Family Grant I was given a basic starting point to understand my autistic child’s needs. It was a foreign world to both my husband and I but we knew there has to be a way to improve her life and at least make her feel comfortable in her own skin. It taught me the basics of removing the toxins from the body and keeping track of everything that goes in and out to determine what is working. 


In combination with cleansing, the diet added a new challenges but also added an increase in the positive results seen from the program. 


I got my education and my basic knowledge on how to get Alexis on the right track in order for her body to begin healing. Now that her body has had time to heal her brain is healing too!!! You have helped our family by giving us a base to work from to heal our daughter and we can never thank you enough! 


- Mom to Alexis 




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