• March 31, 2015
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Your Autism Action Challenge

Take Action in April! 

April is Autism Awareness Month. At Generation Rescue, we believe in action over awareness, just like all our fellow Mommy-, Daddy-, and Kid-Warriors out there. We have complied a list of five simple ways to take action this month, which will help us continue to provide medical treatment and resources to families affected by autism. 

Take Our Autism Awareness Month Challenge 

We are challenging you to give up one thing for the entire month of April. It can be in honor of someone you know that has been diagnosed with autism or simply to support the cause. 

Steps to Accept the Challenge: 

Step 1: Print the Template. (Download below)

Step 2: Snap a selfie holding up the sign (or make a video).

Step 3: Share it on social media using hashtag #ChatAutism.

FB: /generationrescue 


TW: @GenRescue


IG: @generationrescue 

Step 4: Track how you do throughout the month of April. 


For every time you feel tempted to cheat or complain: Put $1 in a jar.


For everytime you actually cheat: Put $10 in a jar. 

Step 5: At the end of the month, add up the money you collected and make a donation to Generation Rescue.



Grab your friends and family and help pay it forward. Give something up for the month of April to help support medical treatment grants across the United States. 

Get Started: 














 Download Template 1














 Download Template 2  

Download Your Challenge Tracker 

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