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King, Age 4

When King first started school, he would hide under the table, would not participate, and would have horrible meltdowns when they would have to transition from one activity to another.
After Generation Rescue’s grant program, all of that has gone away! He participates. He has friends. Lots and lots and lots of speech. And socialization. His teachers have been really amazed.
To us, Generation Rescue means hope. It means a chance to have a regular life. It means I don’t have to worry as much. I see that it can get better. Now, I actually see King having an independent life. — Sunny, King’s Mom

Dominic, Age 4

We have come such a long way since starting with Generation Rescue that we have lost track of how far he was compared to all his strides today. We are constantly seeing so much progress.
We have our highs and we have our lows but the greatest progress he has made is in his speech. He has drastically stopped mumbling words and instead has found so many other words to express himself. He loves to read and is excelling his grade level in reading. We are so proud! Though we thought that cloud was lifted before, now we see the sunshine brighter with HOPE. He is gaining more of his own personality and shares his likes and dislikes. The attention that he receives from Generation Rescue has only made him stronger and want to break out of his shell. — Susan, Dominic’s Mom

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The Rescue Family Grant Program

With the support of people like you, we’ve funded 800 medical treatment grants in 50 states across the United States so far. We are just getting started!

I am seeing my child enjoy life versus being extremely stressed in social situations. I am also understanding his needs more because he has increased his communication.

Joel’s Mom

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Program Stats

800 Families

50 States

$2M In Medical Grants

30% Avg Rate of Improvement per Grantee

We have seen a huge decrease in meltdowns, increased receptive language, more eye contact, and more appropriate play. It’s made
quite a difference here!

Chase’s Mom

The Average Grant Recipient has shown a

43% Improvement in Sociability

35% Improvement in Sensory and Cognitive Awareness

24% Improvement in Health, Physical and Behavior

35% Improvement in Speech, Language and Communication

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The Autism Education Summit

A three-day conference that showcases how implementing an integrative approach to autism can ease the medical conditions and behavioral symptoms common in children, adolescents, and young adults with an autism spectrum disorder. The curriculum is curated by leading medical professionals to ensure attendees learn from an evidence-based approach.

Program Stats Over 3 Years

1800+ Total Attendees

130 Medical Expert Presenters

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How We Are Different

Helped Launch New Products & Breakthrough Therapies

Helped Launch New Products & Breakthrough Therapies

Lowest Registration
 Cost for Families

Lowest Registration
 Cost for Families

2/3 of Attendees
 Return to the Summit

2/3 of Attendees
 Return to the Summit

Attendee Level of Understanding

78% Parents/Caregivers

48% Intermediate

30% Advanced

19% Beginners

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An Evening with Donnie Wahlberg & Special Guests

An intimate concert with Donnie Wahlberg and special guests held at the Arcada Theater followed by an after party at the iconic Hotel Baker to raise money for families affected by autism.

Program Stats with Inaugural Concert

1000+ Concert Goers

$700K Raised for Autism

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Other Programs

  • Web Resources for Autism Families with over 50K Hits per Month

  • Physician Directory with over 250 Medical Practitioners

  • Toll Free Hotline for Families Seeking Support 1-877-98-AUTISM

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