Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss: From Chubby to Chiseled

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Rebel Wilson, The Pitch Perfect star, declared last January that 2020 would be her ‘year of health,’ and it has paid off significantly well. She lost more than 60 pounds in November!


How did Rebel Wilson lose a lot of weight?
What does she look like now?

Let’s dive right in and discuss a ton more about her weight loss and fitness journey…

Rebel Wilson, the much-loved Australian comedian, and actress can tell you that if she was able to lose so much weight and look incredulous, so can you!

Just look at her amazing transformation and eat only your heart out, but not the fridge!

Rebel Wilson’s incredible weight loss Journey

This gorgeous gal, Rebel Wilson, started a fantastic weight loss journey in April 2016.

In just eight months on her diet, she already managed to lose 35 pounds. And by November, she’s lost 60 pounds.

She worked hard to get where she was, and her trainer got her working out seven days a week!

She initially lost weight while filming Cats.

She reported that at this time, she lost 8 lbs in just four days while filming.

She said the set was heated up to almost 100 Fahrenheit, and it was difficult to cool down.

Some of the best dancers in the world were there for the movie, and they couldn’t allow their muscles to cool down. Otherwise, they could get a severe injury and be out of the movie.

She said the set was like being in a sauna!

She reported that 2020 was going to be her ‘year of health’

So she started in 2019 with her new weight loss program and wanted to continue the journey into 2020…

…letting her fans know she would make some lifestyle changes for 2020.

One would be that she would load up on much more water and cut out sugar and junk food.

Many of her fans said she already looked fantastic.

And Rebel has been truly sticking to her goals.

At the start of 2020, she set her goal weight to 75 kgs. Or 165 lbs – she wants to get there by the end of the year.

She’s also trying to get one of her movies into production by the end of the year, and she says that both these activities have required a substantial daily effort…

…in both of them, she has experienced setbacks.

Nevertheless, she’s “working hard,” she says.

This is what her fitness and nutrition routine look like in 2021…

rebel wilsons weight loss

In January 2020, she started by simply walking more and making some smart food swaps.

She had an interview with Hollywood Life with her coach, Jono. He said that Rebel had been very committed to her workout routine.

Lately, she has included a new workout: flipping tires.

Her routine is challenging and includes stair sprints and working with battle ropes.

Wilson revealed that she enjoys high-intensity interval training and boxing in the ring.

Her daily routine includes cardio, whether it’s running or walking.

The “Pooch Perfect” host aims for 10,000 steps daily, says Jono.

The Pitch Perfect star loves walking outdoors and even shares photos of her taking a hike high up on a hill in Palm Springs, FL.

When she hits the gym, her routine centers on building strength, conditioning, improving coordination and balance, and toning the core.

Jono told Hollywood Life that Rebel’s typical circuit in the gym would involve the assault bike, TRX squats, and battle rope slaps.

The pitch-perfect star uses the TRX because it uses body weight and gravity as resistance to build balance, strength, coordination, core and joint stability, and flexibility.

She’s reportedly following the Mayr Method diet.

What diet does Rebel Wilson follow, or has her weight loss following her methods?

Well, Wilson follows the Mayr Method.

This restrictive program aims for people to lose weight by improving their gut health and making substantial lifestyle changes.

Rebel Wilson has achieved excellent results with the Mayr Method.

She took this up after visiting the Austrian Luxury Medical Detox and Wellness Center, VivaMayr.

This was created by the Austrian physician Franz Xaver Mayr, M.D. Mayr believed that most people are poisoning their digestive systems with their foods and how they eat them.

So the goal is to improve health through digestion.

It starts with a caffeine and sugar detox and then suggests certain eating habits like chewing food at least 40-60 times before swallowing, for example.

The Mayr Method also reduces gluten and dairy; no snacking is allowed. This allowed her to increase her protein intake.

Rebel explained that her weight loss wasn’t just a walk in the park and her trainer says weight loss is a marathon and not a sprint.

rebel wilson diet

According to her’s trainer, Jono Castano Acero, Wilson has the right idea with her “year of health.”

He says that people often don’t realize how long it can take to transform their health and body and make changes that will last the rest of their lives.

To start, anybody has to know their weight, body fat, and muscle mass.

Rebel’s trainer is great at taking weekly photos to watch the transformation progress.

He says two months just isn’t enough time to change your body.

It’s putting a lot of stress on yourself to try and change your body in so short a time…

…it can cause a lot of mental problems.

The best advice is to keep your goals realistic and short and then achieve them and progress from there.

Kick start the coming new year looking fabulous

As we mentioned earlier, Rebel lost a bit of weight when she was filming the movie Cats in 2018 and when she posted her sultry bikini Instagram snap, it sent fans worldwide wild.

After all, the dance sequences were demanding and rigorous, and the temperatures on the set were very hot to keep the muscles of the dancers warmed all the time.

Those things led to the ‘Pooch perfect’ host losing eight pounds in four days.

Health and beauty go hand in hand, and Rebel’s weight loss journey and her attitude towards being healthy make her a role model for the body-positive movement.

The actress documented her journey on Instagram.

During the coronavirus pandemic, this is what Wilson has achieved…

While the coronavirus has derailed many of our plans this year, it hasn’t stopped Rebel from achieving her health goals.

One dietitian, Kate Save, told Australian Daily Mail that Wilson had lost around 18 kilos, and the year is not yet.

The star revealed her decision to focus on her health in 2020 and make positive changes during an Instagram Live.

Since beginning her fitness journey at the end of 2019, Rebel’s progress has been steady rather than focusing on fast results.

And it’s an approach that her trainer, Jono, favors.

In one interview, he said that diets and programs that promise results in just a few weeks aren’t realistic for the long term.

He recommends that people do five weekly workout sessions and then focus on recovery over the weekend.

You mustn’t overdo it, he says.

She posted on Instagram that she got “amazing results” following the Mayr Method eating plan.

The Australian actress isn’t just getting fit in the gym.

She also goes hiking and walks with her friends.

She also says that “emotional eating” is something she still struggles with.

We genuinely wish Rebel Wilson all the luck for her future endeavors, and may she achieve all the goals she set out to in 2021!

She paired the swimsuit with a blue sun hat and captured her Instagram photo with this hilarious statement “I think I wanna move to Florida now.”

Rebel Wilson is having the time of her life right now, and it seems everything is falling into place for her this year.

In December of 2021, Rebel Wilson was interviewed by BCC, where she revealed the latest about her health, weight loss, and career.

It’s a must-watch…

Rock on, Rebel!