Generation Rescue believes in autism treatment
that brings hope for recovery.

A 12 year-old boy looks at his father and calls him Dad for the very first time. 
A 5 year-old girl becomes fully potty-trained. 
A 6 year-old boy is finally sleeping through the night.

Families affected by autism do not take these milestones for granted.  They are the daily victories that prove there is hope for recovery.  Autism treatment and recovery are individual for each family.  Here are powerful tools for your journey.

Autism Action Plan

There are many different therapies available to treat your child’s autism needs. Here is a list of steps to get you started on your journey.

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Autism Checklist

Known as ATEC, this scoring procedure is the quantitative way to track autism treatment progress.

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Biomedical Treatment

Conventional medicine only treats the symptoms of autism. Biomedical treatment addresses the root cause.

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Find a Rescue Angel

Guidance from parents who have seen loss of diagnosis or significant improvement through biomedical treatment.

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Stories of Recovery

Inspiring families share their journeys of recovering their children from autism spectrum disorders.

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Recommended Reading

Resources by current thought leaders in the biomedical treatment for autism spectrum disorders.

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Autism Yesterday Video

This documentary explores autism as a reversible condition through the process of biomedical intervention.

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Find a Physician

Physicians and licensed health care professionals provided as a resource as you continue your journey with autism.

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